Knowledge!Precautions for multi-stage centrifugal blower


How to pay attention to some details when using the multi-stage centrifugal fan after purchase and installation. Here is a brief introduction to you so that you can better use the product.

Precautions for the use of multi-stage centrifugal fans: Timely maintenance and repair of the lubrication system, use of clean lubricating oil, and sufficient lubrication of each bearing part are important measures to ensure that the service life of the fan is extended.

During the initial use of the fan, pay attention to check whether the oil has deteriorated and whether there is moisture. Pay attention to check that the lubricating oil in the oil chamber should not be less than one-half of the required amount to avoid lack of oil after starting up. However, too much oil in the oil chamber cannot be allowed to cause the bearing temperature to be too high.

Note that you must use lithium-based grease lubricating oil or molybdenum disulfide-based oil, and do not use calcium-based grease.

Multi-stage centrifugal fan usage: This fan is mainly used in various smelting boilers, coal washing plants, mine flotation, sewage treatment, chemical gas production and other occasions where air needs to be transported. It can also be used to transport other non-corrosive gases, such as blast furnaces. Wind, sewage treatment aeration blast, coke oven gas, shaft furnace sintering air supply, etc.

Preparations before starting the multi-stage centrifugal blower:

(1) Before operation, check whether all bolts are tightened and ensure that everything is normal before preparing to start operation.

(2) Check whether the rotation direction of the motor and blower meets the regulations.

(3) Check whether the oil level in the fuel tank meets the requirements. The oil level in the fuel tank should be about 20-40mm lower than the top of the fuel tank before starting the blower.

(4) Check whether the cooling water in the dilute oil station flows smoothly and whether the cooling system is full.

(5) Check the sensitivity and installation condition of all measuring instruments.

(6) Start the electric oil pump of the oil station to check the correctness of the installation of the lubricating oil pipeline and the backflow situation, and correct the safety valve. For safety valve adjustment, refer to the oil station manual.

(7) Check the oil temperature of the lubricating oil, it should not be lower than 25℃

(8) Close the throttle valve in the blower inlet pipe and open all the gate valves or vent valves in the outlet pipe.

(9) Pass water to the cooling part, the cooling water temperature should not be higher than 25°C, and the cooling water consumption should be 10L/min.

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