Type introduction of baghouse dust collector

Baghouse dust collector is a common industrial dust removal equipment, which is widely used in various industries to remove dust and particles generated in the production process. Bag-type dust collectors usually use filter bags as the main filter element. According to different structures and working principles, they can be divided into the following types:

Pulse-jet Baghouse dust collector: The pulse-jet Baghouse dust collector uses pulse-jet to clean the filter bag, which has the advantages of high dust-cleaning efficiency and long service life. Its working principle is to set up a pulse injection system in the dust collector, and the dust particles on the surface of the filter bag will fall off through pulse injection, so as to achieve the dust removal effect. This type of bag filter is suitable for handling dust with small particles.

Back-flush Baghouse dust collector: Back-flush Baghouse dust collector is a Baghouse dust collector that clears dust by reverse blowing. It uses relatively low compressed air to pass through the inside of the filter bag, blows the dust from the inner side of the filter bag to the bottom of the dust collector, and then discharges the dust through the ash discharge system. The back-blowing Baghouse dust collector usually has lower cleaning energy consumption and is suitable for handling dust with strong adhesion.

In addition to these two Baghouse dust collectors, there are various types of dust collectors such as electrostatic precipitators, wet dust collectors, and cyclone dust collectors. Each type of dust collector has its applicable scenarios and characteristics. Enterprises need to choose the most suitable dust collector according to their actual needs. Our company can provide professional dust collector customization services according to the specific needs of customers.

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