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Decent Machinery Group meet the standards for GB/T14294-2008《Combined air conditioner》、GB/T14296-2008《Air cooler and air heater》and GB50736-2012《Civil building heating ventilation and air conditioning design specification》,and all products passed inspection by national test center.

The characteristics of air-handling units

A: good performance in mechanical strength, light in weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful shape and accurate size.

B: flexible assemblage, very convenient to install, remove and maintenance. Also, it has longer service life than steel structure.

Panel structure: A: the panel is formed by two layers of colored steel plates. Filler between the layers is high-density polyurethane or polystyrene, which has a better performance in thermal isolation than other materials like glass wool. No thermal bridge will be produced while working in all weather or working conditions.

B: panels are fixed in a special way, with sealing material to strengthen its thermal and air resistance. This structure has the best performance in thermal isolation, noise reduction and intensity, so it can be used in places require high quality of air.

 Heat exchagner and water dish

Adopt high quality copper tube aluminum fin structure with φ7 and φ9.52 copper;One step shapping.

Fin punching double flanging, sine corrugated ,window aluminum fin with small water resistance and air resistance.

The testing pressure is above 2MPa to keep running under 1.6MPa.

The water dish is drainage slope.One step shapping with painting.It is high strength,no leakage,anti-corrosion.


Fan, electrical motor:

A: unit adopts centrifugal fan with both air inlet. The fan runs smoothly in the rigorous static and dynamic balance test.

B: With ball bearings sealed, and functions of pre-lubricating, self-aligning, self-locking, automatic thrust, etc., the fan is maintenance-free in normal use.

C: Fans of a small model unit are driven directly by external sub-motor, no belt, and easy to maintain.


There are primary efficiency filter ,high and medium efficiency filter according to requirement.Generally it is primary efficiency filter.

Primary efficiency filter is plate structure.The filter frame is gal.press.Filter efficiency G3(weight efficiency≥60%);Primary resistance 75Pa.Final resistance 150Pa;Filter efficiency F5;Medium efficiency filter efficiency can be reached F8.

Production equipment:

① High speed fin production line 4 sets;

②High precision multi-station CNC turret punch press 2 sets,normal punch press 10sets;

③Laser cutting machine 2sets, CNC hydraulic bending machine  4 sets, shearing machine 4 sets

④Vertical  expansion tube machine 2 sets

⑤ Auto welding machine;

⑥Programmable automatic bending machine 4 sets;

⑦Frame shape machine 2sets;

⑧Polyurethane foaming machine 2 sets;


 Production process

Inspection standard:

 A、GB/T14294-2008《combination air conditioner》;

B、 GB/T14296-2008《Air coolers and air heater》;

C、 GB9068-88《Heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment noise   The determination of sound power level – engineering method 》;

D、 GB50243-2002《Ventilation and air conditioning engineering construction quality acceptance specification》

E、 JBT–9066-1999《Cabinet FCU standard》。



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