Order Tracking

Order Tracking No.:SCY20210920-Vietnam-Multistage Centrifugal Fan

Transaction Country: Vietnam Product Name: Multistage Centrifugal Fan 1.Customer’sdeposit payment bill before production.  Production 1.The housing is been fabricated. 2. The oil box is been processing. 3.The main shaf is been procision work. 4. Impeller dynamic balance test one by one and whole set impellers tested together. 5. Base been processing according CNC gantry milling machine to guarantee the balance and accuarcy of it 7.Whole set been assembled. 7. Painted. 8. Finished [...]

Order Tracking No.:SCY20220307-Hongkong, China-Centrifugal fan 10-18-8C

Transaction Country: Hongkong Product Name: centrifugal fan 10-18-8C 1.Customer’s payment bill before production.  Production 1.Provide customers with drawings and produce according to the drawings. 2.Housing, impeller in the production process. 3.The housing and motor of the fan have been assembled by our workers. 4.Centrifugal fan ready to enter the spray booth. 5. Lab test after fan production. 6. Send lab test report to customer. Transportation 1.The fan is packed [...]

Order Tracking No.:SCY2021122002-New Zealand-Centrifugal Fan

 Transaction Country: New Zealand Product Name: Centrifugal Fan Customerhas pay the deposit and now is confirm the rotation and ready to start production.  Production 1.The production has been finished the cutting process. 2. Three sets of Stainless Steel centrifugal fans finished welding and next will have a impeller dynamic balance test and assembled. 3. The stainless steel fan blower has been painted as per customer’s color requirement. [...]

Order Tracking No.:SCY20211211-Serbia-Heat Exchanger

 Transaction Country: Serbia Product  Name: Heat Exchanger 1.Customer’sdeposit payment bill before production. Customer’sdeposit payment bill before production.  Production 1. The housing has been ready for rust removal and then will assembled with the pipes. 2.Now the heat exchangers has already assembled. 3.More pictures sharing. 4.It’s ready to make a gas-filled pressure test, then will assemble the housing, finally to painting. 5.The pressure test has been completed. The [...]