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Cement Industry Rotary Feeder/Rotary Vane Feeder    

Impeller Feeder is equipped with an YCT speed reducer. And it connects the main shaft with the output shaft rigidly, driving the main shaft and impeller to rotate. The main shaft and impeller rotate simultaneously with the motor’s rotating on the impeller. By the way, the impeller is assembled by adjustable blades with abrasion resistance and the clearance between the impeller and the casing can be adjusted.

Firmly structured and exquisitely designed, this machine is assembled with a shell, impeller, end cover of the main shaft and other components, and is equipped with a BLY series cycloidal-pin gear speed reducer.

1. Flexible impeller, operation balance, good sealing.
2. Reliable sealing and gear, and they can be configured according to customer’s requirements.
3. Both ends of the impeller are sealed with two and a half-PCE seal ring. So that the structure of the machine is simple and easy to installation and replacement.
4. Discharge spout can be designed into different style, such as a square or round, according to the different needs of users.
5. Bearings at both ends are designed out of the body, so that it can reduce powder from entering into the bearing, it is a good way to reduce wear.

To make use of Worm Gear Reducer with Variable to make sure the feeder rotated stably, even transport the materials. Our feeding machine is heatproof, wearproof,moisture-proof and acid and alkali resistance, also suitable for any kinds of materials, even the powder , granulated ,mixed and special materials. In addition, it can adjust the amount of materials feed, the system effectively improves the working condition, and significantly saves the capital, space and energy. It is easy operation and maintain.

Impeller feeder is also named circular feeding machine. Our company produces the different series circular feeding machine.In the production process, it can even transport the powder and granulated material to the expected installment from storehouse, fixed time, and  continuously. It usually used for feeding material from storehouse, and for chemical industry, mechanical industry, concrete industry and food industry.

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