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Our fans have been exported to USA.   The SDS JET fan has 2 types: uni-direction and reversible axial fan. The thrust range up to 3500N, can be covered by fans range from diameter of 630mm to 1600mm. The high efficiency and low noise jet fan can be selected under different load and work conditions.


The SDS series jet fan has high quality assurance depending on the advanced technology. The casing is forming by spinner. The tip of impeller is processed to make sure the alignment and the tip clearance. The hot dip galvanizing and other effectire surface finishing provide good appearance and excellent anti-corrosive performance. The blade and hub are made of aluminum alloy by high/low pressure die-casting by casting model which is make by Toshiba CNC. The application of SDS fan in highway tunnel, railway tunnel and dams project has proved that the performance, technical and quality requirement.


SDS uniderectional jet fan ferformance data


Model No. Volume(m3/s) Thrust (N)
SDS-6.3# 8.1-12.7 244-596
SDS-7.1# 12.7-18 470-950
SDS-8# 9.3-14 202-457
SDS-9# 13-20 310-736
SDS-10# 17.7-27 460-1065
SDS-11.2# 24.8-37.4 736-1674
SDS-12.5# 35-51.5 1170-2554
SDS-14# 33.6-49.6 861-1879
SDS-16# 47.2-71.8 1307-3116


1) Fan diameter: 630 – 1,600mm
2) Divided into single direction operational fan and reverse operational fan
3) The biggest thrust power is 3,500Ns.

              4)material:impeller is cast aluminium, casing is carben steel

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