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Plate-fin heat exchanger is a kind of  static type heat exchanger for air to air direct exchange, it does not need heat transfer through the intermediate medium.There is no rotation system, therefore, static type plate-fin heat exchanger (also called stationary heat exchanger) is a kind of ideal energy recovery equipment.Static type plate-fin heat exchanger can be heat recovery when there is the two strands of airflow temperature and vapor pressure difference at both sides.

Working principles:

① Humidity exchanger by  moisture vapor pressure difference at both sides.

② The water vaporof high moisture side is absorbed by hygroscopic agent to the low humidity side by the capillary effect of the paper fibers.

Plate-fin heat collector:
A, Static type heat exchanger: in order to decorate air flow channel and reduce the equipment volume, the small and medium-sized fresh air exchagner adopt flat cross stationary type heat exchanger.Its working principle: the movement direction of cold and hot air is perpendicular. The air flow is turbulent boundary layer and the convective heat transfer properties in the heat exchanger with high heat exchange efficiency.
B, Sensible heat exchanger and whole heat exchanger: Sensible heat exchanger made of aluminum foil material with high temperature conductivity and long service life; It is suitable for indoor and outdoor big temperature difference and small humidity difference areas.The whole heat exchanger made of special fibers by a special process of paper;this kind of material has high moisture permeability, good air tightness, tear resistance, ageing resistance characteristics.Whole heat exchanger is suitable for indoor and outdoor  small temperature difference and large humidity.


1.Double air exchange for indoor and outdoor.

2.Filter treatment:it meets the construction regulations to avoid the dust into indoor.

  1. High efficiency and saving energy:Inside static heat exchanger;the heat exchange efficiency is more than 70%.The cold and heat load has not been effected by fresh air,so it can be improved the efficiency and saved energy.

4.Easy installation:It is whole structure to easy connect.

5.Safe and reliable:There is no other running parts except fan.So it is low noise and safe.

6.Low cost:it does not need the operation room.There is heat energy recovery system to reduce energy consumption up to 30%.

7.Fine production:adopt high quality steel, environmental protection material, aluminum alloy frame.


The plate-fin heat recovery collector can be used for many place.So it need primary filter to filter the dust.Its filter class is G4.

Condensate water dish

In north of cold area,if it is sensible  heat type,it will cause cold water,so it need the condensate water dish.But it does not need it for whole heat type


Small and medium-sized fresh air ventilation adopt outer type and high efficiency and low noise centrifugal fan.All fan impellers passed  dynamic balance test;Impeller bearing use automatic bearing without maintenance.It had added anti-high temperature grease for long service life.Low noise is low, and aerodynamic performance is good; The connection structure of the impeller and volute make to easy replace the wheel bearings and motor during maintenance.


It is module design to reduce the production time.

Framework is composed of closed aluminum profile, cross section shape is hole, the casing material is color steel plate with the folding resistance, good corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-acid, alkali and salt.And it will not fade 15 years.Inside and outer fill the delta = 30 mm thick polystyrene or polyurethane thermal insulation material to improve the stiffness of the shell and anti-corrosion ability;  It has a good ability of insulation and airtight persistent.The color of color steel plate is pearl white.

Inside sheet metal parts are made of galvanized steel.Adopt sealing strip seals for the joint with resistance to high temperatures (+ 90 ℃) and low temperature (60 ℃).And it is long service life.


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