Characteristics of tunnel variable frequency fan

Decent tunnel variable frequency fan is one of the key recommended products of the fan factory. There are many kinds of tunnel fans produced by our company. The sales of tunnel variable frequency fans are very good, why will customers choose tunnel variable frequency fans?
Mainly because of its following characteristics
1, high efficiency: the tunnel frequency conversion fan is well designed, the process, the blade adopts the ternary fluid design, the wing is twisted, the whole steel structure, and the Angle is adjustable, so the efficient working area of the fan Large, so that the running fan is always in the efficient working range.
2. Low noise: the first – and second-stage motors of the Xianyang tunnel inverter fan rotate relatively, which not only increases the pressure of the fan but also strategizes the direction of airflow and reduces the sound of air friction. In addition, the casing is made of a porous silencer board and special sound-absorbing material, so the noise of the whole machine is controlled below 85 decibels (compared with A sound level below 35 decibels), and the noise pollution is obviously improved.
3, energy saving: tunnel variable frequency fan can be used at three speeds in tunnel construction: low-speed operation within 600m in the early stage, energy consumption is 1/6 of the total installed power; Medium speed operation within 1500m, the energy consumption is 1/3 of the total installed power; Over 1500m high-speed operation, – fan is equivalent to three different power fans, energy saving effect is very significant.
4, easy maintenance: because the tunnel frequency conversion fan is composed of two non-aluminum blades, the middle part can be separated, which brings convenience for disassembly, repair, and blade adjustment.

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