Introduction of FCU AHU PAU RCU MAU FFU HRV in Air Conditioning System

FCU, AHU, PAU, RCU, MAU, FU, HRV, FAU, OAC, and EAF are often heard in the HVAC industry and air conditioning water system – a series of strange terms. So, what do the concepts that these letters represent? What is the difference between them? 1. FCU (full name: Fan Coil Unit) The fan coil unit is the terminal device of the air conditioning system. Its working principle is that the air in the room where the unit is continuously recirculated [...]

If I buy from China and can’t visit the factory, how to make sure quality ? – Zibo Decent Machinery

Recently, because of COVID-19, some customers may worry about product quality. It’s perfectly understandable. In order to reassure customers, our company has taken the following measures:  we support the production progress feedback to customers every 3 days. Each customer will have a unique number after placing an order, and they can use this number to enter the tracking page on our website to check the production stage. Full records of the inspection process. We will check the parameters one by one according to [...]

The transmission mode of the centrifugal fan.

When the fan is working, the airflow enters the blade space from the axial direction of the fan, and then rotates with the impeller under the drive of the impeller; on the other hand, it increases energy under the action of inertia and leaves the impeller along the radial direction. Fans that work by generating centrifugal force are called centrifugal fans. The transmission mode of the centrifugal fan, the transmission mode has the following six regulations. The detailed analysis is [...]

Dust removal fog cannon machine

Decent environment-friendly fog cannon uses high pressure to spray water in the form of fine water mist to the designated position. The water mist is combined with the dust floating particles in the air, which fall to the ground under the action of gravity to achieve the purpose of dust reduction and dust suppression at the designated position. In our daily life, the space covered by rain or snow, water mist or snow will be more extensive, and the probability [...]

Ulfuric acid centrifugal blower

  Under the high-speed operation of the fan, the speed of the pulley and the pulley increases, which is easy to cause accidental injury to the operator. Ulfuric acid centrifugal blower This series of centrifugal blowers are used to transport SO2 [...]

Centrifugal fan blower assembly videos.

We are here, at our factory. Today, we are going to take a video of the assembly of large blowers. Since our blowers can be customized according to customer requirements, sometimes the size of the centrifugal blower will be very large, which exceeds the size that can be accommodated in the container. Therefore, for the convenience of transportation, we will disassemble the blower for transportation. In this way, the customers need to assemble it by themselves after receiving it. In order for customers to assemble faster and more smoothly, we record videos today. This blower is the [...]


Decent Machinery is honored to be invited by customers to participate in the 68th ANNUAL NATIONAL MINE SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT CONFERENCE. The products exhibited by Decent this time are mine ventilation and dust removal equipment. Among them, mine ventilation fans with the most complete production process and mature and advanced technology are the main products, and Decent has been assisted by more than 30 Serbian engineers who are specialized in mine ventilation solutions. Whether it is the overall ventilation design [...]

FBCD series withdrawable rotary local fan

FBCD series withdrawable rotary local fan is an energy-saving local fan developed and produced by our company for the current needs of some coal mines to discharge gas and dirty wind (gas concentration does not exceed 3%). This series of fans has the characteristics of a compact structure, low noise, high wind pressure, significant flow rate, and high efficiency. The ventilation distance can be increased when using counter-rotating ventilation; When the ventilation distance is short, a single machine can [...]


Whether it is an air conditioning unit or a fresh air unit, their use and installation methods are very common at present. Although the fresh air unit and the air conditioning unit are different, they can complement each other in functions. When installing the fresh air unit, a fan coil unit is installed in each room separately. In this way, we can learn from each other’s strengths and make up for our shortcomings, and at the same time, we [...]

How to test the centrifugal fan, what are the operation steps?

When testing the fan, read the product manual carefully and check whether the wiring mode is consistent with the wiring diagram; carefully check whether the working voltage of the fan power supply meets the requirements, whether the power supply is out of phase or in phase, and whether the capacity of electrical components meets the requirements. Decent recommends no less than two people during the test run, one person controls the power supply, and one person observes the operation of [...]