Knowledge! precautions for the use of industrial centrifugal fans to ensure efficient and stable operation of the equipment

With the wide application of industrial centrifugal fans in various industries, how to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment has become the focus of users. To this end, ZIBO DECENT MACHINERY CO., LTD has specially released a series of precautions for the use of industrial centrifugal fans, aiming to help users better use and maintain the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and improve production efficiency. First of all, when installing industrial centrifugal fans, users [...]

Knowledge! Development prospects for mining fans

As the mining industry continues to develop, mining fans, as important equipment for mine ventilation, are gradually becoming widely used. Mining fans play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of miners and improving mining efficiency, serving as the infrastructure of mine safety production. The future development prospects of mining fans are very optimistic. From the industry trend, mining fans will develop into high-efficiency, multifunctional, and automated equipment in the future. In recent years, mining fans have been continuously upgraded, [...]

Knowledge! Polyurethane compound air duct

Product selection points 1. Polyurethane bubble plastic plate composite duct selection The main control parameters are combined, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation material density, plate thickness, and surface layer material, etc. 2. The ventilation and air regulating system’s duct should adopt a rectangular cross section with a round or long and short -border ratio. Its maximum length and short -edge ratio should not exceed 10. 3. Polyurethane foam plastic plate composite ducts should be non -combustible materials. 4. The ventilation and air -regulating system’s [...]

Knowledge! Fog cannon case of a coal yard in Australia

A coal mine in Australia has recently invested in the cutting-edge DMC-100 fog cannon, revolutionizing their operations and setting new standards for dust control in the mining industry. Equipped with a remarkable range of 100 to 120 meters, this state-of-the-art fog cannon has quickly demonstrated its exceptional performance and efficiency on the job. Designed with a long range and wide coverage, the DMC-100 fog cannon is able to achieve precise spraying with remarkable ease and accuracy. The small, fine mist [...]

Celebrating Lantern Festival: Exploring the Traditions of China’s Lantern Festival

As the Spring Festival holiday concludes,ZIbo Decent Machinery  is honored to invite our global clients and partners to celebrate the Lantern Festival, a distinctive Chinese traditional festival known for its unique customs and cultural celebrations. The Historical and Cultural Significance of the Lantern Festival The Lantern Festival, also known as Yuan Xiao Festival, boasts a rich history dating back over 2000 years to the Han Dynasty. It not only marks the end of the Spring Festival celebrations but also symbolizes family [...]

Knowledge! Rotary Heat Recovery Fresh Air Unit

Product Name:Rotary Heat Recovery Fresh Air Unit Scope of Application: ● Airflow range: 200-1000m3/h ● Commercial air-conditioning systems: Star hotels, high-grade office buildings, centralized heating and cooling residential buildings, large supermarkets, bus stations, railway stations, airplane waiting rooms, hospitals, indoor gymnasiums, swimming pools and so on. ●Industrial air-conditioning systems: Printing machinery, paper, textile, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, etc. Working Principle: The main part of the rotary heat exchanger is a disc-shaped heat storage wheel, made of aluminum foil wound into a honeycomb as a heat storage body. When [...]

Knowledge! ZIBO DECENT MACHINERY CO.,LTD.: Introduction to Electromagnetic Pulse Valve in Industrial Dust Collectors

As one of the most crucial parts in industrial dust collectors, electromagnetic pulse valve plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of dust collection. Today, we are going to introduce some basic knowledge about electromagnetic pulse valve. An electromagnetic pulse valve is essentially a switch that controls the compressed air flow to the dust collector bags. During the cleaning cycle, it allows a high-pressure pulse of air(usually 0.4-0.6MPa)to be released in just milliseconds, which generates shock waves, [...]

Knowledge!The importance of mining fans in mines

1. Overview of mining fans Mining fans are motor-driven rotor fans used for mining, mine ventilation and control safety. They are mainly used in coal mining, mine ventilation, light mining, cave wall grouting and other different forms. The main feature of mining fans is that the working conditions are relatively harsh and require high working reliability, high efficiency, long life, etc., so they are widely used in mines. 2. The role of mining fans in coal mining Coal mining is one of [...]

Knowledge! Revolutionary Dust Reduction Technology Transforms Indonesian Sand and Stone Plant

The Indonesian sand and stone plant has recently invested in our company’s state-of-the-art 80-meter dust reduction fog cannon, a technology that promises to reduce dust contamination within the facility. The fog cannon utilizes advanced atomization and dispersion techniques to create a highly effective and non-invasive dust control system. The installation of the automatic fog cannon equipment has dramatically improved the working environment within the plant, reducing airborne dust particles that previously posed a health risk to workers and caused equipment [...]

Knowledge! Types of Fresh Air System Filters

The function of the new air system in addition to ventilation, the most important function is to filter the pollutants in the air, so the filter of the new air system is the most important part of the whole system. Nonwoven filter: the scientific name of polyester fiber, commonly known as nonwoven fabric, nonwoven fabric has a wide range of use, technical maturity, stability and other technical characteristics, is China’s current initial and intermediate effect plate, bag filter typical filter [...]