Automatic Control Device for Mine Intelligent auxiliary Fan

Automatic Control Device for Mine Intelligent auxiliary Fan Mine auxiliary made wind pipe card system is to protect the mine safety production will need to provide a one – machine is multi-purpose, high efficiency and energy saving, automatic control device, it implements the mine auxiliary system on risk control system and the integration of auxiliary ventilation machine, at the same time auxiliary ventilation system with luxury machine through the special design, supporting axle temperature monitor, and other monitoring signal with self-service access to the PLC [...]

How to calculate surface area range of mining ventilation?

How to calculate surface area range of mining ventilation? “Surface area range” also known as cross-sectional area of the premise through which the air comes out (exit) of the mine. If people move in this premise, the maximum speed must not exceed 8 m/s. Based on that,there are always two solutions for client’s choice,see what is showed in the following sketch:

Belt Guard for highest level of safety

Under the high-speed operation of the fan, the speed of the pulley and the pulley increases, which is easy to cause accidental injury to the operator. The protective cover not only effectively protects and prevents the belt and pulley from being subjected to external harsh weather and environmental marketing, but also reduces the operation of the staff. security risks. Here is one fully enclosed shield with the highest level of safety.

Order Tracking No.:SCY20210509-Saudi Arabia-OVEN FAN

Transaction Country: Saudi Arabia Product Name: OVEN FAN 1.Customer’sdeposit payment bill before production.  Production 1.The goods has been finished and will be shipped to Saudi Arabia. Transportation BY AIR 1.Goods includnig oven fan and motor have been sent to customer by air.

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DECENT Daily FAQ Show-Why Dust Control?

DECNET MACHINERY WE CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT! After dust is formed, dust control systems are used to reduce the dust, catching and dropping dust particles to ground. A well-designed dust control system can protect workers and usually provide other benefits, such as: 1. Prevents and reduces the risk of dust explosion and fire. 2. Prevents potential accidents by improving the vision. 3. Prevents unpleasant odors. 4. Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. 5. Reduces the abrasion especially in components like bearings and pulleys which fine dust [...]