How to calculate surface area range of mining ventilation?

How to calculate surface area range of mining ventilation? “Surface area range” also known as cross-sectional area of the premise through which the air comes out (exit) of the mine. If people move in this premise, the maximum speed must not exceed 8 m/s. Based on that,there are always two solutions for client’s choice,see what is showed in the following sketch:

Winter is coming, how can crops be protected from the cold?

Antifreeze, cold and cold Adults and children add clothes Measures for fruits and vegetables What measures should be used to prevent frost damage to crops? Everyone will do it Strengthen coverage, keep warm and anti-freeze Fertilize the soil and increase the soil temperature Control nitrogen and spread ash to improve cold resistance Irrigate in time to ensure the smooth flow of ditches Fertilization and soil cultivation Irrigate timely to increase soil temperature But did you find out that during the winter, some vegetables will inevitably suffer from freezing damage, making it [...]

Many customers care about the remote control of Fog Cannon

A: Many customers care about the remote control of Fog Cannon. Q: Of course, each fog cannon is equipped with a receiver, which can be operated by a remote control within a 200 meters range.  Same time, can be equipped with PLC control, which is more convenient for centralized control and use of fog cannons.

Can the details parameter be communicated via online meeting?

Sure, Affected by the epidemic, more and more customers require online video call to communicate technical issues, check the use of the site to provide appropriate technical support.  At the same time, the equipment can be video-inspected before leaving the factory. If you still have technical problems with us, please let us know without reservation. Decent always be your side.

How to check the order tracking? and where can I check?

Q: How to check the order tracking? and where can I check? A: Each customer has a unique order number. You can take the number to decent official website: www.scy-fan.net After updating the order number, our salesman will also send a link to instant messaging immediately.

How about the function section of AHU?

Q: How about the function section of AHU? A:There are filter section, surface air cooler,water spray section,fan section ,In different environments, the functional segments of AHU will be different, we will customize production according to the requirements provided by customers.

Will the fog cannon automatically turn back after rotating to a certain angle?

A:Will the fog cannon automatically turn back after rotating to a certain angle? Q: yes, When the equipment runs to a fixed position, the limit baffle touches the lever of the travel switch to cut off the power supply that controls the walking, and the equipment can only run in the opposite direction when it is closed again.

Do you know where Chiller is usually used?

Q: Do you know where Chiller is usually used? A: Chiller has a wide range of uses. Next, let’s take a look at the places where it is used. Of course, in addition to these places, chiller can also be used in textile factories, laboratories, power plants, steel plants, etc.