Working principle of axial flow fan

Axial flow fans are widely used, that is, the airflow in the same direction as the blade axis, such as electric fans, fans outside air conditioners are fans that operate in axial flow mode.
The reason why it is called “axial flow” is because the gas flows parallel to the fan axis. Axial flow fans are usually used in occasions with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements.
The axial flow fans fix the position and move the air. The axial flow fans are mainly composed of the fan impeller and the casing. The structure is simple, but the data requirements are high.
So how to install the axial flow fan?What are the precautions?
The following is a brief introduction to the working principle of centrifugal fans and axial fans:
1. When the axial flow fan is installed horizontally, the shock absorber is fixed on the base of the fan through connecting bolts.
The horizontal height of each shock absorber is adjusted by the central height adjustment pad, and the fan is fixed on the connecting steel plate welded on the foundation through fixing bolts.
In general, if the fan does not need a shock absorber due to earthquake resistance, the screw holes on the fan base can be directly connected to the embedded bolts on the foundation.
2. Horizontal installation on the side wall: the basic requirements for the installation of the axial flow fan are the same as those for the horizontal installation, except that the installation bracket adopts the inclined arm support type.
The bracket must have sufficient strength and rigidity, which is not suitable for fans above 10#.
3. Hanging installation: first bolt the shock absorber and the axial flow fan into one, the shock absorber is installed symmetrically on both sides of the center of gravity of the fan.
The fan is directly lifted and inserted into the hanging bracket, the height of the hanging bracket is determined by the user.
According to the actual situation,the space distance is determined. Generally, fans above 16# do not adopt this installation method.
4. Vertical installation: The vertical installation method is the same as the horizontal installation, and the requirements for the strength and stiffness of the fan foundation are stricter.
5. Use flexible joints to connect the axial flow fan with the pipes at both ends to isolate vibration and protect the fan.

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