Customer inspection

Yesterday acquired the third-party audit and audit employer of Russian customers, the TUV certification agency. The client is the greatest herbal gasoline processing and petrochemical integration agency in Russia. The patron wishes to buy centrifugal blowers, triggered draft followers, and root blowers for the Amur GCC Chemical project. The first is to lead a tour of the workplace area, and then to go to our manufacturing workshop, a new kind of particular automated laser slicing machine, which saves labor expenses and improves work efficiency. Robotic welding of casing and impeller equipment, computerized welding, uniform welding seam, no splash points. The floor cure of the product via the shot blasting desktop significantly improves the adhesion of the paint on the floor of the product, so as to cope with the customer’s troubles such as rust and corrosion. There are solely three home factories for laboratory simulation testing. Test the fan’s air volume, wind pressure, speed, vibration, and different overall performance parameters. Issue an expert check report. The ultimate is to affirm our company’s device system, ISO 9000 certification, exceptional manual, provider certified list, manufacturing gear listing and checking out gear verification, etc., the technical department’s capability to diagram 3D, stable works and different drawings, consumer grievance process, etc. Dimension for authentication.

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