Product introduction of subway ventilation equipment

1. Large-scale axial fans for subway TVF stations and tunnels
(1) Using advanced airfoil aluminum alloy blades, the fan has high efficiency, wide efficient operation area, low noise, and high strength. High and lightweight. The forward and reverse wind performance of the fan is the same.
(2) When the medium with a temperature of 280℃ is transported, it can run continuously for 1h, which not only meets the usual ventilation in subways and tunnels It can also meet the requirements of fire and smoke exhaust.
(3) Simple structure and convenient installation, horizontal installation, side wall installation, and hanging installation can be adopted according to user needs. Pack;
(4) In order to prevent the fan from surging due to stall, our company has specially designed a matching anti-fan for the fan. Surge devise.
(5) The fan is equipped with a shock absorber, which reduces the vibration, impact, and noise of the fan and improves the service life of the fan.
2. Smoke exhaust, exhaust, and return exhaust fans for small subway systems
Fire-fighting smoke exhaust fan, its basic form is an axial flow structure, adopts a high-temperature resistant motor, and is equipped with a special electric motor.
Machine cooling system, the product has undergone a high-temperature resistance test according to GA211 by the National Fire Inspection Center.
It can run continuously for more than 30-60 minutes under the high-temperature condition of 280℃, which can be used for ventilation and smoke exhaust.
Fans can be widely used in civil buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, restaurants, museums, gymnasiums, etc.
Ventilating place, most suitable for pipeline pressurization, air supply, exhaust, and ventilation of high-rise buildings and general buildings use.


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