ResolveZIBO DECENT Successfullys Boiler Centrifugal Fan Blower Issues for Philippine Customer with Professional Response and Earns Appreciation

ZIBO DECENT MACHINERY is a Chinese supplier specializing in the production of industrial boiler centrifugal fan blowers. This year, ZIBO DECENT exported four centrifugal fans with frequency control cabinets to a beer bottle manufacturing plant in the Philippines for boiler air supply.

However, the customer reported a series of problems upon receiving the goods, including unadjustable frequency control cabinets, overheated motors, and insufficient air volume. The customer suspected that ZIBO DECENT’s inverters were faulty and demanded immediate replacement and on-site repairs by professional personnel.

Considering that the end user planned to operate the equipment on the 7th, a quick resolution was necessary. ZIBO DECENT promptly organized all personnel, including engineers, power line engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and after-sales installers, to help the customer solve the problem via online video.

As the customer needed to connect with their central control system, ZIBO DECENT’s engineers requested that the customer separate the centrifugal fans and inverters from their central control system and check for faults one by one.

Finally, ZIBO DECENT identified the root causes of the problems:

1.The equipment responded to changes in the site conditions, which required adjustment of the parameters of the variable frequency drive (VFD).

2. The impeller rotation direction was incorrect, causing excessively high current.

Based on the above issues, ZIBO DECENT’s engineers provided the following solutions to the customer:

1. Adjust the VFD startup mode to vector mode.

2. Reset the impeller rotation direction with the VFD.

3. Restore the VFD to factory settings and reset the parameters.

ZIBO DECENT guided the customer through the on-site operations and successfully resolved all issues, proving that ZIBO DECENT’s centrifugal fans and inverters had no quality problems.

During the online video connection, there were various uncertainties such as network and phone interruptions, and even an earthquake on the customer’s end, which increased the difficulty of solving problems online. However, ZIBO DECENT overcame various difficulties and obstacles through teamwork and eventually provided the customer with a satisfactory solution. ZIBO DECENT expresses sincere thanks for the understanding and support of the customer.

ZIBO DECENT MACHINERY quickly responded to the customer’s complaint and won the customer’s satisfaction and support with professional solutions and indomitable team spirit. ZIBO DECENT will continue to maintain a professional attitude, fear no customer complaints, and strive to provide customers with excellent solutions and services.

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