Advantages of ZIBO Decent Machinery Co.Ltd Products

ZIBO Decent Machinery Co.Ltd is a professional factory specializing in the production of 35t/h-670t/h boilers and supporting centrifugal fans, smoke pump, ID fan for chemical plants, steel plants, coking plants, cement plants, etc. Its products have the following significant advantages:
1. High efficiency, low noise (A sound level measured by the induced draft fan is only 85 decibels), there is no surge point, and the highest efficiency is the domestic high-end level.
2. Good regulation performance, the boiler load can be satisfied from 30% to.
3. Reasonable structure, stable and reliable operation, low speed, and very small vibration. (The impeller is statically and dynamically calibrated twice before leaving the factory, and it is qualified after leaving the factory)
4. The impeller has advanced design, high efficiency, stable operation, and good wear resistance.
5. The bearing box has been improved and designed many times, and the advanced structure has been adopted to prevent a drop of oil from leaking.
6. The casings are of the two-open type with a reasonable design, which is convenient for disassembly, installation, and maintenance. They are all equipped with adjusting doors, and all use water-cooled bearing boxes.
The company has complete fan manufacturing and testing equipment, such as a 4m vertical lathe, 4m gantry planer and milling machine, 8m125 horizontal lathe, 30t dynamic balancing machine, 800t hydraulic press, 40mm roller bed, CNC cutting machine, etc. Its products range from design and manufacturing to after-sales service. , are strictly controlled by the system.

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