We went to the Roots blower factory for a site inspection

Today, we went to the Roots blower factory for a site inspection. Our company has introduced automatic technology equipment to carry out digital automatic finishing of accessories, which has effectively improved the quality and efficiency. At the same time, we can use an aluminum casing, which has better heat dissipation, which greatly improves the efficiency of the Roots fan, and the speed can reach more than 3000rpm. In addition, we have equipment that can automatically adjust the conveyor belt, which greatly improves the accuracy. We can also make a soundproof room for the Roots fan of the final product, which can be transported separately and save space. The card slot design makes it easier for customers to install after receiving the goods. We also put forward stricter requirements for the packaging of product transportation to ensure high sealing and reduce the dampness of the fan during transportation. In addition to the blower itself, we also provide more abundant accessories to ensure customers’ future use.

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