Knowledge!Coal mine uses spray gun technology to reduce pollution and prevent accidents.

Recently, several coal mines in China have begun using fog cannon technology to reduce coal dust pollution and prevent fire and explosion accidents.

It is understood that a fog cannon is a device that uses a high-pressure water pump to inject water into fine mist droplets. It can cover coal dust in areas such as coal yards and coal piles with a layer of mist, thereby reducing the amount of dust in the air. At the same time, in the event of a fire or explosion accident, the fog cannon can quickly eject a large amount of water mist, effectively extinguishing the fire source and cooling the surrounding environment, reducing the risk of fire and explosion accidents.

A worker involved in the construction of the fog cannon said, “By using spray gun technology, we can reduce coal dust to a very small extent, even in strong winds, we can maintain the cleanliness of the coal yard.”

Currently, fog cannon technology has been widely used in coal mines, construction sites, ports, and other fields, becoming an important tool for environmental governance and safe production.

Although fog cannon technology can reduce coal mine accidents and environmental pollution, experts suggest that equipment maintenance and management should be strengthened, and scientific fire and explosion prevention measures should be combined to ensure safe and efficient coal mine production.

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