Decent Machinery and Omya: A Five-Year Partnership for Effective Dust Control Solutions

Decent Machinery, a renowned provider of cutting-edge environmental protection and dust control solutions, is excited to announce its enduring collaboration with Omya, a global leader in specialty materials distribution and dolomite production. This strategic partnership aims to tackle Omya’s persistent dust challenges in their ore mining operations, ensuring a safer production environment and prioritizing the well-being of their workforce.

Having long grappled with dust-related issues affecting both production processes and employee health, Omya sought a reliable and sustainable solution. Turning to Decent Machinery, recognized for their expertise in researching, developing, and implementing state-of-the-art dust control technologies, the two companies embarked on an extensive five-year journey of collaboration. Together, they diligently crafted a tailored dust control program that precisely addressed Omya’s unique requirements.

At the heart of this solution lie Decent Machinery’s advanced fog cannon and mist cannon technologies. These innovative systems utilize fine water droplets to effectively suppress dust generated during the ore mining process, mitigating its impact on production equipment and fostering a healthier working environment for operators.

By introducing fog cannon vehicles to Omya’s operations, Decent Machinery revolutionized their dust control capabilities. These vehicles employ mist cannons to disperse a fine mist, efficiently trapping and removing dust particles. This breakthrough technology significantly enhances safety, minimizes dust-related disruptions, and prioritizes the well-being of Omya’s employees.

The success of this partnership underscores Omya’s recognition of Decent Machinery’s technical prowess and their commitment to delivering effective dust control solutions. It also marks a significant milestone for Decent Machinery, solidifying their leadership position in the environmental protection sector.

Moving forward, Decent Machinery and Omya are dedicated to ongoing collaboration, continually optimizing and enhancing the dust control program to provide customers with an even safer and healthier working environment.

Project Details:

Project Environment: Ore Mine
Product Type: Fog Cannon Trucks
Mine Type: Calcium Carbonate and Dolomite Ore
Mine Location: Perak, Malaysia

Product Description:

Decent Machinery’s fog cannon trucks offer several key advantages:

Advanced Dust Suppression: These trucks incorporate cutting-edge mist cannon technology, effectively suppressing dust during the ore mining process.
Remote Control Functionality: Operators can conveniently control the fog cannon trucks wirelessly from distances of up to 100 meters.

Maintenance-Friendly Design: The trucks feature a ladder on the water tank for easy access during maintenance operations.

Standardized Connections: All connection ports and pump valves adhere to British standards, ensuring compatibility and ease of spare part acquisition.

Enhanced Safety Features: The non-load-bearing design of the cab’s top eliminates the need for guardrails, ensuring personnel safety in collision scenarios.
Optimal Performance: Equipped with off-road tires, the fog cannon trucks can effortlessly navigate uneven quarry terrain without limitations.

Driver Comfort: The cab is air-conditioned, providing a comfortable working environment that promotes driver focus and concentration.

Comprehensive Safety Measures: Each fog cannon truck is equipped with a fire extinguisher and flash bars, enhancing visibility and preventing accidents.

Compliance and Options: The fog cannon trucks adhere to the Euro II standard, providing a cost-effective choice. Euro V standard vehicles are available upon request, albeit at a higher price.

Quality Assurance: Before delivery, each vehicle undergoes a protective wax coating to withstand seawater erosion, ensuring its pristine condition upon receipt.

Decent Machinery remains your trusted partner in delivering effective and efficient dust control solutions. Contact us today to create a safer and healthier working environment for your operations.

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