The advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation in the use of fans

The variable-group energy-saving ventilator for the new tunnel construction is equipped with a variable frequency controller, which can double the efficiency of the ventilator while the original power supply condition remains unchanged, overcoming the traditional start-up method that requires the power supply capacity of the power grid to be the normal workload. More than 2 times the factor, especially to solve the remote construction site, it is very difficult to realize the demand for large capacity of the power grid and transmission lines. Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. Use the change of frequency to control the speed of the fan. During the excavation of the tunnel, due to different distances, the speed of the fan can be controlled arbitrarily, and the effective air volume and air pressure can be obtained to meet the safety of tunnel construction and achieve energy saving effect.
  2. Realize a soft start, which can make the motor start and run smoothly, and the impact current is small during the acceleration of the motor. The starting current is only 1.2 times the fixed current, which saves electric energy, avoids the impact on the grid, and ensures the substation Safety of equipment and other electrical appliances.
  3. It is convenient and reliable to adjust the air volume continuously. It can be preset in sections and adjusted smoothly continuously.
  4. Improve the power factor of the motor, reduce the reactive power loss of the transformer, increase its active power and prolong the life of the transformer. It is safe and reliable.
  5. The operation is simple. According to all the parameters displayed on the panel, the status of the fan in use can be viewed intuitively. If you need to input or modify the operating parameters, you can use the number keys on the operation panel to complete, which is convenient and quick.
  6. Perfect protection functions: overcurrent, overload, undervoltage, overvoltage, overload, phase loss, short circuit, so that the motor will always work in a safe state.
  7. Sound and light alarm: realize automatic shutdown of failure.
  8. Realize local and remote monitoring. It can be connected with the industrial control host computer through the RS485 asynchronous serial interface to realize the centralized control of the dispatching room and improve the automation level.
  9. It has real-time detection and display functions.
  10. The adjustment range is wide and the precision is high.
  11. For the use of multi-stage fans, each motor can achieve uniform operation anytime and anywhere, which is safe and reliable.
  12. The high starting torque can meet the specification requirements for fan startup and operation. Due to the special load of the fan, it belongs to the on-load start and operation, and the high starting torque can use the normal soft start of the fan to realize the flexible control of the equipment.
  13. It can realize online speed regulation, and can also realize remote centralized control by connecting with the upper computer through the RS485 asynchronous serial interface and the MOOEO-BUS communication protocol, lifting the level of automation.
  14. In terms of power supply configuration, the capacity of the transformer is only 1.2 times the total power of the motor, and the safe carrying capacity of the power line is equal to 1.2-1.5 times the rated value of the motor, which greatly saves limited resources and makes full use of resources. The frequency conversion device is equipped with imported filter capacitors, so that the COSφ of the motor is greater than 0.95, reducing the reactive power loss of the main transformer and greatly increasing its active power margin

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