Knowledge!ZJT intelligent local fan ventilation system

ZJT intelligent local fan ventilation system is an advanced and reliable mine ventilation monitoring system. It can realize remote control of the fan, monitor various parameters of the fan online, and can alarm when limits are exceeded. The amount of air supply is determined through underground sensors and underground parameters, solving the problem of on-demand air supply from local ventilators in mines, achieving safe, efficient, automatic and rapid gas discharge, and saving energy. When the main air supply circuit fails, the backup circuit fan is automatically put into operation to maintain continuous air supply to the working surface.

The supporting FBD series press-fit counter-rotating local ventilator is one of our company’s main products. The fans are well designed, advanced in manufacturing technology and of high quality. This series of fans has four significant features:

1. High efficiency: The blades adopt an airfoil twisted three-dimensional flow design, with a wide range of efficient areas.

2. Low noise: The casing adopts an external compound silencing device, and a specially designed side air inlet silencing device is installed. The noise can be reduced by more than 10%, and it has ultra-low noise characteristics.

3. Stable performance: The wind pressure is relatively stable, the surge phenomenon is minimal, and it also operates smoothly in areas with high wind pressure and small flow.

4. The air supply distance is long and it has strong adaptability to complex tunnels.

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