Knowledge!Analysis of application fields of centrifugal fans

Dust collector projects in steel production workshops: including high-temperature spray dust collectors, electrostatic precipitators, pulse injection dust collectors, etc., used for dust control in the steel production process.

Chemical plant exhaust gas purification system project: including various desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, deodorization and other system equipment, used for gas purification in the chemical industry process.

Cement production line dust removal equipment project: including electrostatic precipitators, wet dust collectors, bag dust collectors and other equipment, used for tail gas purification in cement production.

Coal-fired power plant flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal project: Use electrostatic precipitator, alkaline desulfurization tower, SCR denitrification, bag dust removal and other purification equipment to control the emission of coal-fired power plant flue gas.

Waste incineration power plant waste gas treatment system project: Use purification equipment such as smoke removal and dust removal, SCR deacidification and denitrification, activated carbon adsorption, and deodorization to treat the waste gas from waste incineration power plants.

Automobile exhaust gas treatment project: Use exhaust gas inhalation devices, catalytic converters, oxidation catalytic converters and other equipment to treat automobile exhaust gas to reduce environmental pollution.

Air purification equipment project in pharmaceutical production workshops: including high-efficiency filters, UV sterilizers, negative ion generators and other equipment, used to control the air quality in pharmaceutical production workshops.

Food processing plant dust removal equipment project: Use electrostatic precipitators, bag dust collectors, wet dust collectors and other equipment to control the emission of dust and other pollutants generated during food processing.

Livestock and poultry farm dust treatment equipment project: Use spray dust collectors, dust straw combustion, exhaust gas centralized treatment and other equipment to control the emission of dust and exhaust gas in livestock and poultry farms.

Home air purifier sales and installation services: Provide sales and installation services of home air purifiers, providing efficient air purification solutions in the home environment.

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