Rotary Heat Recovery Fresh Air Unit

Product name: Rotary heat recovery fresh air unit
Scope of application:
● Air volume range: 200-1000m3/h
●Commercial air conditioning system:
Star hotels, high-end office buildings, residential buildings with central heating and cooling, supermarkets, bus stations, railway stations, aircraft waiting rooms, hospitals, indoor gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc.
●Industrial air conditioning system:
Printing machinery, paper, textile, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, etc.
Working principle
The main component of the rotary heat exchanger is a disc-shaped heat storage wheel, which is made of aluminum foil into a honeycomb shape as a heat storage body. When working, the fresh air passes through one semicircle of the heat exchanger, and the exhaust air passes through the other semicircle in the reverse direction at the same time. Under the action of the power mechanism, the heat storage wheel rotates continuously at a speed of about 10 rpm, and the heat storage body is continuously heated on the side of the high-temperature semi-circle to absorb heat. When rotated to the low-temperature semicircle side, it is cooled, releasing heat. In this way, part of the energy (cold, heat) in the exhaust air is recovered into the fresh air, and the surface of the aluminum foil is coated with hygroscopic material to make a full-heat runner. The moisture in the airflow enters the hygroscopic coating, and when the runner reaches When the other airflow is released, the water is released. The achievement of the rotary heat exchanger is to use fresh air and exhaust air to recover energy through the exchange of sensible heat and latent heat, to save energy and maintain good ventilation. In summer, the fresh air can be pre-cooled and dehumidified. In winter, the fresh air can be preheated and humidified.
The main function
●The heat exchange rate is as high as 70%-90%.
●High content of rotating core desiccant, remarkable moisture transfer effect. The coating of molecular sieves adopts patented sintering technology, which is not easy to peel off and has a significant effect on heat transfer and mass transfer.
●A single runner has a large windward area, small thickness, small resistance, and small footprint, which is easy to use in combination with other functional sections of the air-conditioning unit.
●With a self-cleaning function and cleaning fan surface, it is more durable.
Product Features
1. The heat recovery rate is above 81.5%, and the pressure drop after the exchange is 200Pa.
2. The rotary heat exchanger has considerable temperature efficiency at 12 rpm and humidity efficiency at around 20 rpm.
3. The runner has two purposes: total heat recovery and sensible heat recovery.
4. The installed power load is reduced, the purpose of energy saving is realized, and there is no need to install the air intake reheating equipment, which improves the conditions of the surface cooler and heat preservation.
5. The runner core is made of special alloy aluminum material, which has a high heat transfer coefficient, chlorine resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
6. Structure: Overall winding + fixed spoke structure. Non-glue paste, a firm and stable structure, the service life can reach more than 15 years, can be cleaned with high-pressure air, and can also be cleaned with water, steam, solution, etc.
7. The frame of the unit is equipped with thermal insulation and an anti-cold bridge. All the metal inside the air handling unit box is isolated from the metal outside by polyurethane foam and specially designed rubber sealing strips and is closely matched with the panel, and the air leakage rate is low.
8. The buckle plate is buckled into the aluminum profile frame, so the corners of the sheet metal are completely isolated from the moist air, and the rust spots on the panel do not exist.
9. Solid structural design: The unit is connected by aluminum alloy profiles and cast aluminum inserts, with high overall strength. At the same time, the square steel frame is designed inside the unit according to different air volumes and wind pressures to further strengthen the unit’s strength.
10. Polyurethane thermal insulation: The panel is composed of polyurethane foam with a density of 50kg/m3 with extremely low thermal conductivity and two layers of inner and outer steel plates. Standard panel thicknesses are 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm.
11. The fan and motor components have unique vibration-damping devices, and a flexible connection is adopted between the air outlet of the fan and the panel, to minimize the vibration and noise of the unit. The unique sealing structure prevents the noise from being transmitted to the outside of the unit, so we provide you with a quiet running unit to meet the application of different requirements in various industries.
12. The unit box adopts a double-panel structure, the thickness of the outer wall is ≥0.5mm, the thickness of the inner wall is ≥0.6mm, and the thickness of the panel is 50mm. The insulation layer of the box is made of flame-retardant polyurethane foam. The inner surface of the unit can be cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure air quality, and at the same time to ensure the best thermal insulation and shock absorption, and noise reduction. Panels and frames are designed for easy disassembly.
13. The thickness of the finned aluminum foil is 0.13mm, the copper tube is ¢15.8×0.5mm, and the heat transfer coefficient is ≥54m2W/℃.
14. The unit has been tested more than 2 times before leaving the factory, and the test pressure is 2.8Mp.
15. The runner unit can be produced in a complete set, and there is no need to purchase other supporting equipment.

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