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Negative pressure fan is the use of air convection, negative pressure ventilation cooling principle, by the installation of the location of the opposite direction – the door or window of the natural inhalation of fresh air, the indoor stuffy hot gases quickly forced out of the outdoors, any ventilation problems can be improved by the machine, the cooling and ventilation effect of up to 90% -97%.

Product Features

The whole machine adopts CAD/CAM design, with low investment cost, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life, high efficiency, etc., the shutters automatically start and close to achieve dustproof, waterproof, beautiful and generous; both blowing and pumping, is the best choice for cooling and ventilation of modern workshop. Environmental protection, energy saving negative pressure fan will become the mainstream of the ventilation and cooling equipment market.

1.For ventilation: installed outside the workshop window, generally choose the downwind, outward ventilation, pumping out odor gases; general chemical plants and other applications.

2.With the use of wet curtain: used as a workshop cooling hot summer, no matter how hot your workshop, wet curtain-negative pressure fan system can make your workshop temperature down to 30C or so, and there is a certain humidity.

3.Negative pressure fan scope of application.

A. Suitable for high temperature or odor workshop: such as heat treatment factory, casting factory, plastic factory, aluminum factory, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, all kinds of chemical plants.

B. Applicable to labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, various types of assembly workshops, Internet cafes.
C. Horticultural greenhouse greenhouse ventilation cooling, animal farm cooling.

D. It is especially suitable for places that need cooling and certain humidity. Such as cotton spinning mills, woolen mills, hemp spinning mills, weaving mills, chemical fiber mills, warp knitting factories, add elasticity factories, knitting factories, silk weaving factories, sock factories and other types of textile factories.
E. Applicable to the field of warehousing and logistics

4.For the exhaust fan: general exhaust fan (commonly known as yanggu fan) efficiency is relatively poor, an exhaust fan blowing less than a few people, negative pressure fan is not, whether on the ground with or hanging in the air with. General 1000 square meters of workshop use 4, that is, there are full of wind blowing effect.


Cite foreign advanced technology produced by the IP54, F-class insulation fan special aluminum motor. It has the function of under-phase overload protection, long service life, smooth operation and low noise.

Adopting FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) as the fan shell material which is claimed not to be decomposed for 500 years, it has the characteristics of anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, no rust, long service life, etc. At the same time, it reduces the phenomenon of resonance due to the whole machine because of the many metal materials.

Negative pressure fan cooling principle: Negative pressure fan is the use of air convection, negative pressure ventilation cooling principle, by the installation of the location of the opposite – the door or window natural inhalation of fresh air, the indoor stuffy gas quickly forced out of the outdoors, any ventilation problems can be improved, cooling and ventilation effect of up to 90% -97%.

The powerful advantages of negative pressure fans.

1.less investment, low energy consumption. The same refrigeration rate, a one-time investment of about one-sixth of the air-conditioning, operating costs of about one-tenth of the air-conditioning.

2.Cooling effect is remarkable, the temperature can be reduced to 28 degrees or so, with the human body temperature in line, if with the water wells of water as a source of water tanks better, can be compared to the effect of air conditioning.

3. The air is fresh and moist, and the air cleanliness is up to 99%.

Installation Notes

When installing a negative pressure fan, the wall on this side of the fan must be properly sealed. In particular, there must be no gaps around the fan. Installation of negative pressure fan is the most ideal method is, fan this side of the wall and the nearby doors and windows all closed, fan opposite wall doors and windows open, to ensure that the air flow is a straight line flow.
Negative pressure fan installation is a very important project, for negative pressure fan later use effect is very big impact, in the installation of the whole process must always pay attention.
Before installing the negative pressure fan, you should carefully check whether the negative pressure fan is intact, whether the fastener bolts are loose or off, and whether the impeller has collided with the wind cover. Carefully check whether the fan blade or louver is deformed and damaged during transportation. When installing and selecting the air outlet environment, it should be noted that there should not be too big obstacles within 2.5-3M opposite to the air outlet.

1.The installation of smooth: negative pressure fan installation should pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, adjusted to the negative pressure fan and foundation plane level solid. The motor must not be tilted after installation.

2.The installation of negative pressure fan should make the motor adjustment bolt is in a convenient position to operate. In order to facilitate the use of adjusting the belt tension.

3.The installation of negative pressure fan bracket, be sure to let the bracket and the foundation plane level solid, if necessary, in the negative pressure fan next to the installation of angle iron for re-enforcement.

4.After the negative pressure fan is installed, the sealing around it should be checked. If there are gaps, use sunshine board or glass glue to seal.

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