Knowledge!KCS-D type wet filtering dust removal device for mining.

The KCS-D type wet filtering dust collector is an efficient mining dust removal device. The wet dust collector is designed with either a single-stage structure or a multi-stage combination structure based on the dust concentration and emission requirements of the working conditions. It is mainly used in various dusty situations, such as mines, tunnels, and subways. It is also suitable for industrial enterprises on the ground where other types of dust removal devices are not convenient.

The KCS-D type wet dust removal device consists of two parts: the axial flow fan and the wet dust collector. The axial flow fan is composed of an air intake collector, main unit, guide vane cylinder, and silencer. The wet dust collector adopts a horizontal structure and is arranged sequentially from the inlet to the outlet, with a rectilinear or square section of the horizontal shell. It is equipped with a rectifying grid, spraying components, filtering components, and dehydration components.

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