Air handling unit used in an office building

This is a project in our country, used in an office building, with a total of 16 units. Air Handling Unit, a kind of air handling equipment assembled by various air handling functional sections, can complete the functions of air conveying, mixing, heating, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, filtration, noise reduction, heat recovery, and so on. What are the commonly used combination forms of AHU? 1. The unit can be divided into horizontal type, vertical type, and ceiling type according to the structure; according to the use, it can be divided into ordinary comfort AHU unit, purification AHU unit, etc. 2. Applied to different occasions, the commonly used function combinations are: 1) Comfort occasions 2) Industrial purification industry 3) Biochemical purification industry 4) Chemical industry 5) Tobacco industry 6) Textile industry 7) Automobile industry 8) Heat recovery application 9) Dehumidifier application 10) Large temperature difference air treatment Crew 11) Areas with dry weather.

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