Knowledge!What is the difference between a negative pressure fan and a general exhaust fan?

Many people still have a concept of fans from a long time ago, thinking that fans only draw and exhaust air. It is very different from the exhaust fan, but the technology of the fan has been advancing rapidly, the performance has been further improved, and the economic value it can create is also greater. Today ZIBO DECENT MACHINERY CO., LTD will talk to us about the difference between negative pressure fans and general exhaust fans.

1. Conceptual differences

Negative pressure fans use the principle of air convection cooling and negative pressure ventilation. They are naturally inhaled by fresh air—doors or windows. The room will soon be forced to the outside. If the ventilation is not smooth, any questions about hot air related equipment Workshops can be equipped with this equipment, and the cooling and ventilation effect is 90% to 97%.

An electric exhaust fan is an air conditioner that uses motor-driven blades to drive air flow to communicate indoor and outdoor air. Also known as electric fan. The purpose of ventilation is to remove dirty air from the room and regulate temperature, humidity and sensation. Exhaust fans are widely used in homes and public places.

2. Differences in working principles

The pressure of the air discharged by the negative pressure fan is reduced outside the room, the indoor air becomes thinner, a negative pressure area is formed, and the air flows into the compensation chamber due to the pressure difference. In the practical use of industrial plants, the negative pressure fans will be concentrated on one side of the factory building, and the air inlet is on the other side of the factory building. The air flows from the air inlet to the negative pressure fan to form convection blowing. In this process, the suction fan close to the door Keep it closed, forcing air from the air intake into the compensated side door workshop. The air queues up, enters the workshop from the air inlet in an orderly manner, flows through the workshop, and is discharged from the workshop by the negative pressure fan. It is ventilated and effective, and the ventilation rate can reach 99%. Through detailed engineering planning, the ventilation speed and wind speed are planned according to needs. Any high heat, harmful gases, dust and smoke can be quickly discharged from the workshop, and any problem of poor ventilation can be solved.. The ventilation effect of the electric fan can be turned on in a few seconds.

The exhaust fan uses a special motor with a die-cast aluminum alloy casing, and the protection level reaches IP12. The motor 2400 can be used continuously/hour uninterrupted power supply. The shell is made of fiberglass (FRP), which is light in weight, insulated, no rust, no aging, resistant to moisture, acid and alkali, strong and durable, and has a long service life.. In terms of exhaust ventilation: equipment outside shop windows, air is generally chosen , with an external suction fan transom ventilation, odor extraction, hot air; more general factory use. The appearance adopts unique flow technology, waterproof, rainproof… Special motor, direct structure maintenance (changing the traditional belt drive) to improve performance, simplify the structure and reduce maintenance costs. The airflow principle shutters require no power consumption, no need to switch, and can effectively prevent rain intrusion. The design equipment does not occupy the airless space and can be installed anywhere.

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