In addition to the water cooling method, what other methods are there for the flue gas 250°C centrifugal fan?

We are honored to announce that our centrifugal fans have been upgraded to meet the needs of Swiss customers. This esteemed customer not only requires efficient heat dissipation fans, but also has strict requirements for flue gas temperature, reaching up to 250 ℃!

To ensure the excellent performance of our products, please allow us to introduce to you the unique needs of our Swiss customers. Unlike traditional water cooling methods, if possible, customers tend to adopt innovative solutions that include high-temperature bearings and air-cooled aluminum impellers. This technology allows our centrifugal fans to maintain excellent operating efficiency in high-temperature environments, providing customers with a more high-quality experience!

To ensure the stability of high-temperature bearings under extreme temperatures and conditions, we have adopted steel tempered materials, which enable high-temperature bearings to exhibit impressive high-temperature resistance performance in the temperature range of -50 ° C to 300 ° C.

The unique needs and challenges of our customers are a valuable opportunity for us, and we are deeply honored. To ensure that our centrifugal fans can operate gracefully and maintain efficient performance anytime and anywhere, our team continues to work hard and innovate.

Taking this opportunity, we reaffirm our commitment to technological innovation and customer service. We look forward to working with more valued customers to provide you with excellent fan solutions to meet your specific needs!

This is one of our proud achievements, and we appreciate your support and trust in us.

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