How to eliminate the vibration of the blower?

1. Poor shaft installation
a. Make adjustments and re-align.
b. Make adjustments to leave an appropriate allowance for displacement compensation.
2. The fixed part of the rotor is loose or movable.
a. Weld the alloy of the bushing, adjust the gasket, or scrape the middle line of the bearing box.
b. Repair the shaft and impeller, and re-key.
c. Tighten the loose nut.
3. The rigidity of the base frame is not enough or not firm
a. Proper repair and reinforcement, tighten the nuts, fill the gaps.
b. Make adjustments and repairs, and install supporting devices.
4. There is friction inside the fan
a. Repair impeller and thrust bushing.
b. Repair impeller and inlet ring.
c. Repair the thrust bushing.
d. Replace the sealing ring and adjust the gap between the sealing ring and the sealing teeth.

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