Dust removal fog cannon machine

Decent environment-friendly fog cannon uses high pressure to spray water in the form of fine water mist to the designated position. The water mist is combined with the dust floating particles in the air, which fall to the ground under the action of gravity to achieve the purpose of dust reduction and dust suppression at the designated position.
In our daily life, the space covered by rain or snow, water mist or snow will be more extensive, and the probability of dust particles, dust particles, bacteria, and microorganisms forming wet particles falling to the ground will greatly increase. The reduction of these substances in the air will make the air fresher, so people tend to feel the air after rain or snow is better.
Decent spray machine adopts the double spray structure of center spray and outer ring spray, high-pressure mist, finer water mist, longer spray distance, can rotate and pitch spray, wider coverage of water mist, fine water mist attached to the dust in the air, floating dust and bacterial microbial particles, forming wet particles to fall to the ground. Similar to the rain or snow, the sky beauty mist cannon spray water mist covered places dust particles and bacteria, and microorganisms will be greatly reduced, air quality is improved, people will also feel the air fresh. Decent fog guns can also spray dust on town streets for quick humidification and kill.

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