Egypt customer order on National Day

Today, on the last day of our National Day holiday, our company communicated with one of the largest sanitary ware producers in the world and a significant ceramic tiles producer in Lebanon and Egypt by phone and video. Customers will use The blower needs of our ceramic factory were sent to our company, and the engineers and sales staff of our technical department selected the most efficient and cost-saving plan for the customer according to the customer’s performance curve and air volume and pressure. At the same time, we also showed our fan production line to customers. The fan raw material adopts new laser cutting technology, and the fan casing and impeller are welded by an advanced robot welding arm, which presents customers with uniform, spatter-free and perfect welds. At the same time, it also saves labor costs for customers. We also led customers to visit our laboratory for fan testing. Before leaving the factory, we can conduct performance tests for customers such as air volume, wind pressure, vibration, noise, speed, etc. to ensure that our products purchased by customers are of the highest quality.

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