Doing laboratory performance testing for a fan of a Philippine customer

Today we are doing laboratory performance testing for a fan of a Philippine customer. This time, the customer purchased a high-pressure centrifugal fan for the boiler. They are a leading fats and oils company in the Philippines, located in the city of Mandaue, Cebu. Established in 1978, Its product ranges from vegetable oils (coconut, palm olein, soya) premium shortening, margarine, butter oil substitute, bread improver, CFAD, and copra cake, among others. We have successively carried out tests on air volume, air pressure, rotational speed, vibration, noise, etc. for customers. After the test, the computer system will issue a test report, and we will send the report and test-related recorded video to the customer for testing. The performance parameters of the fan are fully in line with the customer’s product requirements. The customer is very satisfied with the test, especially since we can customize the dual voltage motor to protect the safe use of the motor for the customer since, In theory, the result is the same whether the motor is running at high voltage or low voltage. However, in the starting process, the inherent characteristics of a large starting current have a great impact on the power supply, especially when the capacity of the power supply equipment is insufficient, it will lead to accidents such as overcurrent tripping and regional power outages. To avoid this problem, when the customer chooses the power frequency cage motor, the wiring is changed, that is, the star connection during high-voltage operation is selected in the starting process control, and the delta connection during low-voltage operation is converted after starting to realize high-voltage starting, rated the purpose of voltage operation.
At the same time, due to the epidemic, we can provide customers with online video inspection and third-party agency testing services.

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