DDC Dust Collector Maintenance Manual —Rainy Season

01 In the rainy season, pay attention to the paint stripping of the dust removal equipment Due to the influence of factors such as light, rain, sand, and air, the dust collector equipment used in the open air will easily fall off the protective paint over time, and the dust collector is easy to rust in the paint stripping environment. Regularly replace the dust collector with new clothes, apply a layer of anti-rust paint, or fill up the peeled part with anti-rust paint in time.

02 Check outdoor electrical equipment and wiring When the rainy season comes, the exposed electrical equipment and lines should be prepared for rain and water protection in time. If it is in a mountainous area or a low-lying place, the main power supply should be cut off in time, and the electrical equipment should be removed and evacuated to a stable area to avoid heavy rain. An accident is coming.

03 Whether the access opening at the top of the device is not closed When the rainy season comes, the inspection port at the top of the equipment is not closed, which will wet the motor. In the case of heavy rain, the rainwater will flow into the middlebox and wet the filter bag, and the dust is easy to agglomerate, which affects the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.

04 Lower case bearing box When the rainy season comes, the bearing box of the lower box should be oiled in advance to prevent rust in the rain and affect the normal operation of the equipment. 05 Whether there is glue cracking at the glued part of the equipment When the rainy season arrives if the glue is cracked, aged, or peeled off at the glued part of the equipment, there will be gaps in the connection between the sheet metal of the equipment, causing water to enter the equipment and affecting the service life of the equipment.

In addition to the above precautions, the dust collector used in the open air should also check its stability. Due to long-term corrosion and rain erosion, the support frame or some parts of the dust collector will be severely rusted or relatively loose. Therefore, In the season with more wind and rain in summer, some dust collector equipment needs to be reinforced to avoid collapse accidents caused by strong winds.

This is what needs to be paid attention to when the woodworking dust collector is installed outdoors. The dust collector installed outdoors should pay more attention to problems such as waterproofing and aging, and solve the problem in time. If the equipment fails, it is found and repaired quickly, so that the equipment has been maintained at high stability. running status.

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