Knowledge!Application for Combustion Air

Wherever oxygen is required to facilitate combustion, DECENT blowers are hard at work. Both municipalities and private industry rely on our technology to supply air at a variable flow rate to facilitate the combustion process through a variety of means, including:

incineration of sludge from wastewater treatment plants;

facilitate the sulfur recovery process from waste emissions to meet environmental regulations at an oil refinery;

contribute to various manufacturing processes required for the production of carbon black

In all cases, our equipment’s hallmark ruggedness and variable air flow have proven to be essential allies in such highly demanding applications. And DECENT Blower has continues to build a long track record of performing on time and on budget in extreme environments.

DECENT Blowers are rugged enough for:

Sulfur recovery units at petroleum refineries

Fluidized bed systems in the incineration of low BTU fuels

Carbon black production

Flue gas desulfurization and more

LNG vaporization

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