Video:Urban dust removal fog cannon, exported abroad

In today’s society, urban air quality has become the focus of global attention, especially the problem of dust pollution in cities. To deal with this problem, urban anti-dust fog cannon equipment has become a popular environmental protection solution.

China’s urban anti-dust and fog cannon equipment is outstanding in performance. These devices adopt high-pressure spraying technology, which can refine water mist into tiny particles, and form a fog curtain with wide coverage and long suspension time of droplets through high-speed spraying, which can effectively humidify and suppress dust and fine particles in the air, so as to achieve Dustproof purpose. In addition, these devices also have the characteristics of long spraying distance, adjustable spraying angle, and large coverage area, which can adapt to the needs of different occasions and environments.

Exported urban dust-proof fog cannon equipment can usually be customized according to customer needs, including parameters such as the model of the fog cannon, spray angle, spray range, etc., to meet the needs of different environments and operations. At the same time, these devices can also be integrated with other environmental protection equipment and systems to form a more complete dust-proof solution.

To sum up, the export of urban dust and fog cannon equipment will help promote export trade and technical cooperation, and promote the development of the environmental protection industry. With the continuous improvement of global environmental protection and air quality requirements, the export of urban dust and fog cannon equipment is expected to achieve broader application prospects in the international market.

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