New Order! Vietnamese Gold Mine Ventilation Main Fan Project

We are delighted to announce Decent Machinery successful collaboration with gold mine in Vietnam for their ventilation main fan project, establishing a long-term partnership. Vietnam has always been a highly regarded market for Decent Machinery, and this year we have secured a significant project at a gold mine.

The project requires the supply of 2sets primary ventilation main fans, which meets:

Airflow: 26.5~63.5m3/s
Total Pressure: 480~2660Pa
Power: 2*75kw
Application: Air Exhausting

What is Mining Exhaust Main Fan?

Essential equipment for mine ventilation, extracting fumes and harmful gases. High airflow, pressure, and efficiency ensure a safe working environment. Robust construction and explosion-proof design for harsh conditions. Crucial in the mining industry for safety and productivity.

After 3 months of online communication and on-site technical discussions in Vietnam, we reached an agreement with the client and selected our FKZ40-6-NO.17/75 model fan. This particular model perfectly meets the client’s requirements, offering sufficient suction power. The performance curve of the selected model fan is displayed below:

Currently, the project is in progress, and this collaboration serves as a solid foundation for our continued presence and growth in the Vietnamese market.

The project is currently in progress, and we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results. This collaboration establishes a strong foothold for us in the Vietnamese market, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the mining industry.

We look forward to further contributing to Vietnam’s industrial development by offering high-quality solutions and services in the future.

Click here to know more about process of order: Order Tracking No.: MIC20230227-Vietnam-mining fan

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