Knowledge!Ultra-fine mist cannons introduced, effectively reducing airborne dust concentration

A new type of ultra-fine mist cannon has recently been introduced to the market, attracting widespread attention in the industry. Equipped with water quality optimization systems, distribution systems, quantitative output modules, system boost modules, system pressure modules, variable frequency adjustment devices, and electronic control systems, this mist cannon efficiently treats micrometer-sized droplets, effectively eliminating high concentrations of dust particles in the air.

Additionally, the product utilizes turbocharging technology to disperse the mist droplets over a wider range, creating multi-angle mist layers that increase atmospheric humidity. During the spraying process, noise reduction has been improved, achieving a noise level more than 10dB lower than traditional products. Furthermore, the spraying range has been extended by 5-10 meters, with the airflow and pressure exceeding that of conventional products by over five times. The equipment’s pitch adjustment device employs an electro-hydraulic push rod mechanism, providing convenience in installation and maintenance, as well as ensuring self-locking functionality. The stability, safety, and performance of the ultra-fine mist cannon are more than six times superior to traditional industrial structures.

The integration of information into the electro-hydraulic push rod makes installation and maintenance management convenient, reducing installation and maintenance time by tenfold compared to traditional structures. The dual-layer spraying system design of the mist cannon includes a self-regulating feature that allows the spraying flow rate to be adjusted according to different customer requirements. Equipped with atomizing nozzles, this dual-layer spraying device achieves a micron-level misting effect, greatly enhancing dust suppression efficiency.

The introduction of this ultra-fine mist cannon effectively reduces dust concentration in large areas, providing a convenient and efficient solution for urban environmental management.

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