DECENT MACHINERY is dust collectors help aggregate production lines in Vietnam achieve efficient purification and environmentally friendly emissions

DECENT MACHINERY are pleased to announce that advanced dust collector technology has been successfully exported to Vietnam and applied to an important aggregate production line project. This collaboration is a clear demonstration of the excellent performance of products and the recognition of the international market.

The dust collector system has a treatment and filtration area of 80 square meters and a air volume of 3840m³/h, enabling it to effectively capture and remove fine dust and particles generated during the production process. Before using equipment, the inlet concentration of the aggregate production line is about 100g/m³, and after the dust collector treatment, the concentration will reach less than 10mg/m³, which is far below the standard limit.

DECENT MACHINERY use advanced automatic bag cage production line to overcome the traditional production process commonly used in general factories to process the bag cage with uneven solder joint strength, easy to open DECENT MACHINERYlding, fracture, and production of DECENT MACHINERYlding spatter. The structure of the bag cage adopts a rapid splicing connection mode, evenly divided into three sections to match tightly, smooth surface without burr, bag cage bending and other defects. The bag cage produced by this production line has solid solder joints, uniform strength, no DECENT MACHINERYlding spatter, and the verticality pointer of the bag cage is higher than the national standard to ensure the normal service life of the filter bag.

In addition, DECENT MACHINERY use Siemens PLC control system to realize the intelligent control of dust removal. The advanced system can accurately monitor and adjust the operating state of the dust collector, and automatically clean the dust operation according to the need, thus ensuring the maximum dust removal effect and improving the operating stability of the equipment.

Vietnamese customers have expressed high appreciation for dust collector technology. They believe that equipment not only performs DECENT MACHINERYll in cleaning the air, but also achieves remarkable results in achieving efficient production and environmentally friendly emissions. By using dust collector system, they can effectively reduce dust emissions, improve the working environment and comply with local environmental protection regulations.

The smooth installation and commissioning of the dust collector benefited from the close cooperation betDECENT MACHINERYen the two teams. engineers and Vietnamese customers work together to ensure that the equipment is put into service within the specified time frame and meets the customer’s specific technical requirements.

DECENT MACHINERY remain committed to advancing the development of green technologies and providing reliable environmental solutions to customers around the world.

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