ZIBO Decent Machinery CO., LTD welcomes Russian customers and demonstrates Process Air Blowers for Sulfur Recovery Process Section

As a leading company in centrifugal fans, ZIBO DECENT is proud to announce that we have recently welcomed important customers from Russia. This customer’s visit aims to understand our company’s professional strength in centrifugal fans, multi-stage centrifugal blowers, and our reputation in the international market. We will further deepen our cooperative relationships with customers and promote the development of both parties’ businesses by demonstrating our leading position in multi-stage centrifugal and centrifugal fan production processes.

This customer’s visit fully demonstrates the company’s outstanding achievements in technological innovation and quality management as a leader in the centrifugal fan industry. We arranged a series of activities, including visiting our production links and equipment, communicating detailed product parameter requirements, and the current progress of the entire project.

When displaying multi-stage centrifugal blowers, we particularly emphasized our manufacturing and production capabilities, with capabilities in non-ferrous and black casting, sheet metal processing, and control system engineering services. The main equipment includes a resin sand molding system, intermediate frequency furnace, heat treatment furnace, shot blasting machine, CNC vertical lathe, saddle lathe, planer, milling machine, digital display boring machine, hydraulic press, lifting machinery, balancing machine, 500KW performance test platform, various Inspection and testing equipment, etc., except for standard parts, all major accessories are self-produced and self-prepared. At the same time, it can meet the needs of overhaul and maintenance of domestic or imported similar products. It is a professional production base integrating R&D, manufacturing, assembly, performance testing, on-site installation, and debugging. It has complete processing means and testing equipment. It has established a complete management system and an effective quality assurance system, and has passed IS09001:2000 International Quality Management System certification, the control cabinet has passed the national CCC compulsory product certification.

After we had in-depth communication and discussions with our customers. The customer expressed full recognition of our production process and quality management system and expressed a clear attitude towards our willingness to continue cooperation. Through this exchange, we further deepened our understanding of customer needs and business challenges, laying a solid foundation for our cooperation.

As a leader in the field of centrifugal fans, we have a variety of excellent products. If you would like to know more about our centrifugal fans and multi-stage centrifugal fans, please visit our product page. On the product page, you can learn more about our product information, specifications, and features to better meet your needs.

Thanks again to our customers for visiting us and we look forward to further cooperation with them.

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