Knowledge!The essence of the fresh air system is ventilation

Abroad, fresh air systems have long become essential air purification equipment for families. Some users in China don’t know much about the fresh air system and think that the fresh air system is no different from the previous exhaust fan. The editor just wants to say that you are too disrespectful towards the smog, stop being humorous! Fresh air systems and exhaust fans are essentially different, and their ventilation effects are also different.

In fact, it is wrong to think that there is no difference between fresh air systems and exhaust fans. Although both fresh air systems and exhaust fans help solve indoor ventilation problems, they are two completely different concepts. Specifically, the two There are four major differences between them:

1. Ventilation effect

Exhaust fans generally have a large exhaust volume, but their exhaust air does not have a well-organized pressure field and air flow path, and can only achieve exhaust in a local space. Since it exhausts air to the outside, new air cannot enter, so it cannot achieve a true sense of the situation. air replacement. Indoor and outdoor air circulation cannot be achieved, and there are too many dead spots for fresh air.

The fresh air system has air supply and exhaust outlets, which can not only exhaust air, but also send fresh air into each room, comprehensively remove indoor odors, decoration pollution, dust, bacteria, etc., and replenish fresh outdoor air. The fresh air system organizes the flow of indoor air and creates a slight positive pressure indoors, preventing dirty outdoor air from sneaking in. The fresh air circulation path is a 360° circulation, and a good purification effect can be achieved in dead corners of the house, thereby keeping the indoor air fresh.

2.Filtering effect

The exhaust fan cannot purify the air at all. After the exhaust fan discharges the indoor air, the outdoor air flows into the room through the doors and windows. Although this can alleviate the problem of indoor hypoxia to a certain extent, this air has not been filtered and enters the room without any filtering. There will be dirty air indoors.

Different from the exhaust fan, the fresh air system has a filtering function to complete the purification. The outdoor air is deeply purified by multiple layers of filters before being sent indoors. At the same time, it achieves the function of uninterrupted air circulation and introduces truly fresh and pure air into the room. , to avoid attracting “wolves” (haze) into the house, thereby ensuring the health of home life.

3. Noise level

Due to its relatively simple body structure, the exhaust fan will produce a lot of noise during operation, and it cannot block external noise from entering the room. This will inevitably make it impossible to use it during rest at night, and the bedroom is a key oxygen-deficient area at night. If it cannot be effectively ventilated , will cause hypoxia in the human body, and if an exhaust fan is installed in the bedroom, excessive noise will inevitably affect the normal life and rest of the family. On the contrary, the fresh air system has a closed body structure, and the general fresh air system manufacturers will control the noise within 35dB.

4.Full heat exchange function

Even on haze-free days in winter, the exhaust fan exchanges outdoor cold air into the room. The air is fresher, but people in the room will be frozen like dogs. The full heat exchange function of the fresh air system eliminates this problem. There is a temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air temperatures, so when indoor air and outdoor air pass through the full heat exchange machine core in a cross manner, the two air streams will transfer heat to each other through the polymer permeable membrane inside the machine core. Under such circumstances, whether it is winter or summer, the temperature of the fresh air introduced into the room through the full heat exchanger core will become close to room temperature, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the air conditioner and saving electricity bills.

To sum up, the fresh air system and the exhaust fan are obviously different. The two products have different functions, and we must clearly understand their respective effects before purchasing. If you want to solve the problem of indoor hypoxia and air pollution, while achieving indoor ventilation in winter, so that you can breathe comfortable, warm, clean and fresh air at home all the time, then only the fresh air system can do it.

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