How to reduce subway tunnel noise

In terms of environmental protection, the quiet environment is greatly disturbed, people’s production and work are greatly affected, and even people in the noise can not live and work normally. It is mainly manifested in people’s normal work and rest. At present, the phenomenon of applying fans in subway tunnels gradually becomes popular. It has brought universal benefits to people’s life, production and travel. But there is no denying the fact that running the fan in the subway tunnel, applicability, and location in the performance of the fan is not irrationality, led to a fan in the subway tunnel fan noise is bigger, travel people, and the surrounding environment all had a great influence, people’s work and life have been a lot of damage, There have even been incidents of disturbing people and causing unnecessary disputes. Therefore, the first problem to be solved is to reduce the noise of the fan in the subway tunnel. Let’s take a look at the environmental pollution produced by subway tunnel fans. The impact of these noises produced by tunnel fans has been clearly recognized at present for the harm and impact of environmental protection and labor protection on the human body.
1. In terms of labor protection, the noise generated by subway tunnel fans affects the health of most people, and even causes various diseases to people in the noise. For example, the human endocrine is seriously affected, causing digestive system disorders, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular interference, and even damage to cerebrovascular function, leading to neurasthenia. At the same time, it will affect the cerebral cortex, so that is a balance disorder; It can also affect hearing and, in severe cases, cause deafness.
2. Without a guarantee, learning, and conversation are greatly affected, which directly leads to people’s distraction and greatly reduced work efficiency.

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