About the maintenance problem of dust removal centrifugal fan

The dust removal fan has been widely used. The air volume of the five air inlets of the dust removal fan will be adjusted according to the dust volume of each suction port to ensure the reasonable distribution of the air volume of each air outlet, thereby ensuring the use efficiency of the dust removal fan. Today we will Let’s take a look at the problem of dust removal fan maintenance.
The dust collector and port of the dust removal fan are calendered, so we must ensure that all the valves of the dust removal fan are open and cannot be closed without authorization. Regarding the central inspection door of the dust removal fan, it is not allowed without permission. opened.
The filter bag of the dust removal fan should be checked regularly to prevent the filter bag from being damp, and the dust will be loose and attached to the filter bag. If the holes in the fabric are blocked, then we will clean the filter bag. It will fail, resulting in too much pressure on the dust removal fan, and there is no way to continue to use it.
The above is the main reason why the dust removal fan runs slowly. For the stocks that use the dust removal fan in the later period, regular maintenance and maintenance are required to ensure the long-term operation of the dust removal fan.

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