Knowledge!Fresh Air System-The Importance of Total Heat Exchange Movement

Any electrical product has one or more core components, such as the compressor of air conditioner, CPU, memory, hard disk of computer, motor and motor of washing machine, similarly, for the fresh air system, in addition to the fan, it is the total heat exchanger movement. So, why is the total heat exchange movement so important, and which material is the best?

First of all, we need to know a few main functions of the new air system, one is ventilation and exhaust, relying on the fan to decide; the second is the filtration and purification, relying on the quality of the filter; the third is energy saving and the right air temperature and humidity, relying on the total heat exchanger. As the core of the total heat exchanger, the total heat exchanger movement plays a decisive role in the quality of the new air and energy saving, whether the new air exchange process is efficient, healthy and hygienic, mainly by the total heat exchanger movement of the material and design decisions.

Currently on the market to sell the new wind full heat exchange movement is mainly divided into four materials, aluminum, plastic, paper and resin, different materials of the movement determines the new wind system full heat exchange efficiency and service life, in foreign countries, some countries mandatory requirements for a certain period of time (such as 6 months) to replace one, and there is currently no relevant domestic provisions. However, because home air products in China is still just emerging, the average consumer knows little about it, the movement of the new air system, and nanotechnology and negative ions, a variety of concepts flying all over the place, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between true and false.

As the core component of the new air ventilator, the movement plays a vital role in the process of air exchange. For the movement of the material, the use of function, advantages and disadvantages of the user should do a comprehensive understanding, to avoid going into the purchase of the wrong area. Fresh air ventilator movement is expensive, the user should be strictly controlled in the purchase and use, to reduce the number of times the movement with the replacement and the degree of wear and tear.

The heat exchange membrane of the total heat exchange fresh air system is made of German polymer material, which greatly reduces the influence of external factors such as sudden change of temperature difference in cold areas and humidity on the heat exchange efficiency, and not only effectively prevents the inconvenience of changeover due to the reduction of pipeline service life caused by the cold weather, but also ensures that under the condition of safe operation, it adopts the preheating heat recovery method, and automatically changes heat generation according to the change of the outdoor temperature as well as the size of the fresh air volume. Change the heat generation, so as to reduce the heat loss of the room just right, and to achieve the purpose of rapid and powerful heating while ensuring the purification efficiency of more than 99.9%.

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