Dust collector test project results announced: quality qualified, environmental protection standards

We are pleased to announce that after rigorous testing and evaluation, our precipitator products have achieved excellent results in various inspections. These tests cover several categories such as material, material, dimension, visual, number of pieces and coating inspection. Each category has its own evaluation criteria. The content and evaluation criteria of each category will be introduced below.
1.Material and material inspection
Check content: the use of materials, material confirmation.
Evaluation standard: The inspection of materials and materials shall be based on the material quality guarantee certificate issued by steel mills or suppliers

2.Overall dimension inspection
Check content: Determine the shape completed according to the drawing, and then visually confirm at the same time, the key dimensions of the main parts of each component are measured and recorded into a file.

3.Visual inspection
① Inspection content
—The weld shape inspection of welding parts is carried out visually.
—Confirm the deformation of each welded part.
—Confirm that the installation position of each part conforms to the requirements of the drawing.

② Evaluation standard
—Welding inspection: confirm that the welding processing parts meet the requirements of the drawings, the welding parts have fully eliminated welding slag and welding spray head, no obvious local deformation caused by welding, and the weld wave is uniform without cracks. Slag inclusion. Welding tumor. Burning through. Arc pit and needle porosity and other defects. Welding requirements in line with GB985-88 standards.
—Appearance inspection: no obvious deformation of welded components.
—Positioning inspection: The configuration of each part meets the requirements of the manufacturing regulations

4.Inspection of number of parts
Inspection content: Inspection of the number of parts Evaluation standard: according to the drawing of the parts list quantity

5.Coating inspection
Inspection content: Check the thickness of the coating. The coating should be free from bubbles, wrinkles and unevenness. The coating color code should meet the requirements.
Evaluation criteria: the relevant provisions in the Technical Agreement

6.List of main inspection items

No. Item Inspection content
1 Ingredients Materials
2 Body box board Manufacturing quality
3 Floral board assembly Manufacturing quality
4 Ash removal system Manufacturing quality
5 Ash bucket kit Manufacturing quality
6 Legs, escalators, platform components Manufacturing Quality
7 Filter bag Material, quality of manufacture
8  Cage Bones Material, quality of manufacture
9 Electrical and automatic control system, monitoring system Component quality, assembly quality
10  Finish  Paint spray quality

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