How to solve the dew phenomenon of Decent fan

Condensation is a common fault in the use of tunnel fans. Although it does not cause too many accidents, it affects vision and uses the function. Therefore, the use of Shaanxi tunnel fan can be used to
The following methods to solve the condensation problem:
1. The tunnel fan can increase the air supply volume and adjust the wind speed to a higher level as far as possible or open the regulating valve.
2. If it is a side air outlet, adjust the horizontal blinds so that they blow upward as far as possible to prevent the blinds from flowing out after condensation.
3. Minimize the number of doors and holes, and check whether the room is not tightly sealed from the outside world.
4. If conditions permit, a thin layer of PE insulation board can be attached to the end of the outlet of the tunnel fan, and a layer of hydrophobic material can be sprayed on the multi-leaf outlet to effectively prevent condensation. In order to improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the tunnel fan, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the tunnel fan and the normal operation of the tunnel fan.

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