Knowledge!Fan coil water pipe connection and common problem solving methods

Fan coiler as a central air conditioning system of an end device, it is by the speed fan and heat exchanger coiler two parts, the fan is generally by the forward tilting blade and low noise motor composition, generally have three wind speed, the motor for the tapping speed, rely on the speed switch to connect the different tapping, control the motor working voltage to realize the speed control.

Fan coiler inlet and outlet pipe with flexible connection, that is: in the inlet and outlet installation of hose couplings, flexible joints like rubber or corrugated metal and other types, mainly to reduce the fan coiler vibration in operation, but also buffer due to its vibration so that the pipeline joints or pipeline force.

In order to observe the condition of the condensate excluded from the coil during summer operation, a transparent plastic hose (5~8cm) should be installed at the outlet of the condensate pan, and it can also be used to remove dust and lint to avoid overflow of the water pan caused by blocking the condensate pipe. Both ends of the hose should be tightened with a hose clamp, and wire and other things should not be used to tie it.

Fan coiler in and out of the water level pipe section should not be too long, and should be considered with a 2 ‰ ~ 3 ‰ slope. The slope can be divided into two cases.

The first situation is when the fan coiler inlet and outlet pipe elevation than the chilled water (air conditioning hot water) trunk high, connected to the fan coiler horizontal branch pipe installation, the inlet pipe should be done against the slope, the outlet pipe to do the installation of the slope. Air in the system are from the fan coil manual air release valve exclusion.

The second situation is when the main water supply and return pipe is higher than the fan coiler inlet and outlet (as shown below). In the supply and return water trunk pipe can be set up automatically exhaust valve for system evacuation, horizontal branch installation, inlet pipe to do downhill, water (return) to do the installation of reverse slope, fan coil coiler coil heat exchanger in the air basically from the trunk of the exhaust valve discharge.

Common Problems and Solutions



No wind Check whether the power supply, thermostat, wiring and fan are normal.
No cold air Check the thermostat, valve, Y-filter, chilled water situation is normal
Water overflow from catchpot Check the drainage slope of the drainpipe and whether it is clogged.
Water leakage from freezing water pipe Check whether the valves, Y-filter and bellows are cracked or loose.


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