Organizing management training

On September 16th, the company organized a training course for managers, which enabled me not only to learn what management is theoretically at a deeper level but also to be inspired ideologically, from which I learned more about how to stand up for myself as a manager. Position, how to coordinate and train employees well, let everyone recognize the work goals, know what to do, let everyone work efficiently, let everyone cooperate; let everyone have the opportunity to continue to cultivate and grow, Let everyone have the motivation to achieve their goals and realize themselves. Managers should be good at cultivating others, including themselves. When cultivating subordinates, they are also cultivating themselves. Managers should play a role in linking the previous and the next and not do the same job as a nanny all day long. As a supervisor, we can actively lead the team to work hard towards the goals set by the company, and it is our responsibility to do our best work.

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