Delivering Customized Cooling Solutions for a Prestigious Villa in Cambodia

At Zibo Decent Machinery Co., Ltd., we are dedicated to providing tailor-made HVAC solutions that meet the unique cooling needs of our clients. Recently, we had the privilege of working with a discerning client in Cambodia who owned an exquisite four-story villa. With the client initially providing us with the villa’s floor plan and no specific equipment requirements, Decent Machinery embarked on a journey to design a comprehensive cooling solution. Through meticulous analysis and consideration of room quantities, cooling demands, and individual control preferences, our team successfully developed an optimized system that surpassed the client’s expectations.

Unveiling the Villa’s Cooling Requirements:
Our valued client, the proud owner of a luxurious villa in Cambodia, sought our expertise in creating a cooling system capable of efficiently servicing all four floors. Armed with the villa’s foundation plan, Decent Machinery diligently set out to design an HVAC solution that would provide superior comfort throughout the property. During the initial consultation, the client expressed an interest in various equipment models and specifications, allowing us the freedom to design a system tailored to their specific needs.

Exploring Multiple Options:
In order to present our client with a range of choices, we meticulously explored various cooling solutions. Taking into account the number of rooms on each floor and their unique cooling requirements, we developed multiple configurations that would effectively address the villa’s demands. Our goal was to provide the client with a flexible solution that would enable individual control in each room, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Addressing Client Concerns: Individual Room Control
After carefully evaluating our proposed solutions, the client raised an important question: Can the system facilitate individual control for each room? Recognizing the client’s desire for personalized control, Decent Machinery identified the Multi-Variable Refrigerant Volume (Multi-VRV) system as the ideal solution.The line controller is a crucial component of the multi-unit system that enables precise control over the temperature settings in each room. By pairing each indoor unit, such as embedded indoor units, wall-mounted indoor units, or ceiling indoor units, with a dedicated line controller, our clients can effortlessly customize the cooling experience in every room.

With the line controller, occupants can easily adjust the temperature, fan speed, and mode of operation in each individual space, providing them with the flexibility to create a comfortable environment tailored to their preferences. Whether it’s setting a cozy temperature for a bedroom, a refreshing coolness for a living room, or a comfortable working environment in a home office, the line controller offers unmatched convenience and control.

Explanation of Equipment: Indoor Units
Decent Machinery offers a wide range of indoor units to complement the Multi-VRV system. These include embedded indoor units, wall-mounted indoor units, and ceiling indoor units. Each indoor unit is strategically placed within the villa’s rooms and is responsible for delivering cool air. With their advanced technology and efficient cooling capabilities, these indoor units ensure a comfortable environment for occupants.

Explanation of Equipment: Multiple Connection Outdoor Units
The multiple connection outdoor units provided by Decent Machinery serve as the heart of the cooling system. These outdoor units house the compressors and condensers, working seamlessly to remove heat from the indoor air. Specifically designed to support the cooling requirements of the entire villa, these outdoor units ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

The Optimal Solution:
Taking into consideration the client’s requirements, as well as their specific concern regarding individual control, we fine-tuned our design and recommended the most cost-effective solution: 31 indoor units paired with 4 multiple connection outdoor units. Indoor units offer a cooling capacity of 307.8kW, while the combined cooling capacity of the outdoor units amounts to an impressive 298.4kW. With this carefully planned configuration, our client can enjoy simultaneous cooling in all rooms, achieving their desired level of personalized comfort.

At Decent Machinery, our commitment to delivering exceptional HVAC solutions is exemplified by our successful collaboration with our Cambodian client. By thoroughly analyzing the villa’s floor plan, understanding the specific cooling requirements of each room, and addressing the client’s concerns regarding individual control, we crafted a bespoke cooling system that surpassed expectations. The carefully selected configuration of Multi-VRV systems, combined with indoor units and multiple connection outdoor units, ensures efficient and independent cooling throughout the villa, providing unmatched comfort to the esteemed homeowner. At Decent Machinery, we remain dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that elevate living spaces, offering a personalized cooling experience tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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