Fan Features

The overall volume is small, the anti-wind efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the noise is low. It is suitable for vertical shaft ventilation, flat guide ventilation, subway ventilation and water diversion projects in the construction of long and large tunnels.


Features: SFDC tunnel construction special draw-out type counter-rotating axial flow fan is composed of current collector, primary fan, secondary fan, diffuser, diffusion tower and other components.


  1. This product is a draw-out counter-rotating axial flow fan with twisted blades. The internal loss of the fan is small and the efficiency is high.


  1. The machine body is welded by section steel and plates, the structure is compact, the reliability is good, and the installation is convenient.


  1. The blade installation angle is adjustable. The performance of the fan covers a wide range, and the appropriate installation angle can be selected according to the parameters of the ventilation network when leaving the factory.


  1. According to the ventilation requirements, a frequency conversion control cabinet can be selected to adjust the speed of the fan to realize automatic ventilation control, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.


  1. According to production needs, the counter-rotating blower can also be operated as a stand-alone unit. Compared with the single-unit operation, the counter-rotating fan can increase the air volume by 45-70%, and increase the wind pressure by 100-192%. Compared with the double-machine series operation, the air volume can increase by about 25%.


  1. SFDC tunnel construction-specific draw-out counter-rotating axial flow fan has a narrow hump area, stable wind pressure, weak air surge, stable air flow, and low noise. Compared with other fans, it has the characteristics of a wide range of high efficiency.


  1. According to the needs of users, non-standard fans can also be designed to provide optimized aerodynamic and structural design solutions to provide users with economical and reliable fans.


  1. When used in gas-containing tunnels, it can be made into an explosion-proof type.

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