AHU Pre-Delivery Testing Procedure and Equipment Preparation

To ensure that the AHU (Air Handling Unit) complies with factory inspection standards, we conduct the following detailed tests before the unit is delivered and provide corresponding test reports. The equipment required for the testing process includes:

Airflow measurement instruments

Air pressure measurement instruments

Noise testing device

Differential pressure testing device

RH (Relative Humidity) sensor

Thickness gauge

Measuring tape

The testing procedure is as follows:

1.Measurement of unit dimensions: We measure the dimensions of the AHU unit to check if it meets the design requirements specified by the customer.

2.Panel thickness measurement: Using a thickness gauge, we measure the panel thickness to ensure it meets the standard specifications.

3.Startup and power connection: We start the AHU unit and perform sequential tests for airflow, air pressure, noise, etc.

4.Airflow testing: Using airflow measurement instruments, we test the supply and exhaust airflow of the AHU unit to ensure it meets the specified requirements.

5.Air pressure testing: Using air pressure measurement instruments, we test the supply and exhaust air pressures of the AHU unit to ensure they meet the specified requirements.

6.Noise testing: We use a noise testing device to measure the operational noise level of the AHU unit, ensuring it complies with the specified noise limits.

7.Differential pressure testing: Using a differential pressure testing device, we test the filters of the AHU unit to confirm that the pressure differential falls within acceptable ranges.

8.Relative humidity testing: With the RH sensor, we measure the relative humidity inside the AHU unit to ensure it meets the required standards.

9.Generation of test reports: Based on the test results, we compile detailed test reports to validate whether the AHU unit meets the customer’s requirements and can be delivered according to the stipulated standards.

By following the above testing procedure and preparing the necessary equipment, we ensure quality control and performance compliance of the AHU, providing our customers with high-quality products.

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