Winter is coming, how can crops be protected from the cold?

Antifreeze, cold and cold
Adults and children add clothes
Measures for fruits and vegetables
What measures should be used to prevent frost damage to crops?
Everyone will do it
Strengthen coverage, keep warm and anti-freeze
Fertilize the soil and increase the soil temperature
Control nitrogen and spread ash to improve cold resistance
Irrigate in time to ensure the smooth flow of ditches
Fertilization and soil cultivation
Irrigate timely to increase soil temperature
But did you find out that during the winter, some vegetables will inevitably suffer from freezing damage, making it difficult to withstand the cold current, and crops suffering from freezing damage, leading to economic losses.
Now It’s coming
China has introduced relevant policies to encourage farmers to use heat pump heating for clean heating, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and support carbon neutrality. However, with the application of new heating equipment, the cost of growing greenhouses has increased. This has caused many economic difficulties for many vegetable farmers who plan to construct greenhouses or are already preparing to construct greenhouses, but they are all in fact. Because we walked into a misunderstanding and lacked the guidance of professionals;
In this regard, Decent Machinery tells everyone,In greenhouses, improving heating equipment is one of the measures for advanced technology to enter greenhouses for planting, and it is also the focus of determining the cost of breeding. How to choose heating equipment and heating schemes has become the most critical part;Decent MachineryA special R&D team has been established to provide the best solutions to solve problems for vegetable farmers; therefore, everyone must overcome various difficulties, take the road of new scientific and technological agricultural industry, and build low-consumption, high-yield agricultural parks; and enjoy the policy dividend At the same time, it also contributes to accelerating the green and low-carbon development of China’s economy and society.
Let me introduce to you the reconstruction project of the greenhouse for seedlings, including the reconstruction of the main body of the greenhouse, the addition of heat preservation equipment, and the modification of the heating system.
Project Overview
A planting area in northern China is mainly planting high-end bonsai and flowers. Currently, a planting base of 175,000 square meters is under preparation. Due to the particularity of planting, plants have different requirements for the temperature and humidity of the air in different periods of time. It is necessary to heat or cool the greenhouse to ensure the normal growth of plants in bad weather.
Customer’s Request
1. The indoor temperature of the greenhouse in summer is 30±2℃, and the indoor temperature in winter is 20±2℃;
2. The indoor relative humidity of the greenhouse is 70%~75% in summer and winter;
3. The equipment is mutually backup to ensure trouble-free operation throughout the year;
4. Energy saving, water saving, land saving and environmental protection;
5. Intelligent control and mobile phone cloud operation functions;
The solution
In view of the project needs and the climate conditions of the region, the Guangzhou Hengxing R&D team analyzed it, focusing on three aspects of safety, investment cost, and operating cost for customers to consider, using the company’s product advantages and manufacturing technology, in the spirit of energy conservation and environmental protection. The purpose of providing stellar water-source heat pump solutions: stellar high-efficiency water-source heat pump unit + terminal system; to solve the impact of climate change, water temperature change and strong cold air on crops. Not only that, after the implementation of this plan, the park does not require special personnel to be on duty, and it can be easily managed and monitored at home in snowy days.
Equipment and program features
Energy saving and high efficiency, saving operating costs:This project uses four full-liquid water source heat pump units with a total cooling capacity of 14824KW and a total heating capacity of 15,116KW. It supplies 170,000 square meters of greenhouses. The unit cooling energy efficiency ratio reaches 7.02, the heating energy efficiency ratio reaches 5.25, and the water source heat pump consumes 1kW. With h of electricity, users can get 4.3~5.0kW.h of heat or 5.4~6.2kW.h of cooling. Compared with the general central air conditioner, it can save energy by 30% to 80%. It is one of the most efficient and energy-saving central air-conditioning systems. The biggest feature of this project is to adapt measures to local conditions and utilize local groundwater resources to design a set of the most suitable system, which is highly energy-efficient and has zero emissions.
One machine with multiple functions, saving initial investment:One set of equipment can realize cooling, heating, dehumidification and free production of large amounts of domestic hot water. One machine has multiple uses, and one system can replace the original boiler and air-conditioning two sets of devices or systems, saving investment. The boiler room and auxiliary coal yard, oil storage room, cooling tower and other facilities are omitted, and the area of the machine room is much smaller than the conventional air conditioning system, which saves building space and is also conducive to the beauty of the building.
Safe and reliable, easy to control:The characteristic of relatively constant water temperature makes the operation of the water source heat pump unit more reliable and stable, ensuring the efficiency and economy of the system, and does not require special personnel to maintain and operate, and the operation and maintenance costs are minimal. All air-conditioning systems are precisely controlled by a microcomputer. The host computer, circulating pumps, submersible pumps and other ancillary equipment are all connected to the Internet. Users can independently bill, adjust water temperature and room temperature, adjust start-stop time and remote monitoring.

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